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Sennheiser Releases New E-Book, “Transforming the University Experience with Assistive Listening over Wi-Fi”

Focuses on strengths and weaknesses of available assistive listening systems, and discusses the advantages of Wi-Fi-based approaches.

Sennheiser has announced the release of a new e-book, “Transforming the University Experience with Assistive Listening over Wi-Fi,” discussing advantages that Wi-Fi-based systems can offer to students, faculty and staff.

Worldwide, tens of thousands of students with a hearing impairment attend a university, often with legislation that mandates that technical equipment is provided to help ensure their inclusion. With access to Wi-Fi having become an important tech resource for studying, there’s been a move towards Wi-Fi-based assistive listening systems such as MobileConnect from Sennheiser.

The e-book focuses on key assistive listening system issues such as installation, usability and student acceptance, presenting the strengths and weaknesses of available approaches. An area of focus is that Wi-Fi-based systems can be more scalable and integrate more readily with existing AV equipment, with IT and AV managers able to make system adjustments as needed using a software-based manager.

Jakub Kolacz, Sennheiser Manager Product and Commercialization for MobileConnect, says, “Like so many others, we wish for a world where all people can be connected to each other and able to make the most of the opportunities that lie before them. This includes unrestricted access to information and teaching. With MobileConnect, we offer a fully inclusive, Wi-Fi-based assistive listening solution for the campus infrastructure of modern universities. With individually adjustable, lip-sync audio for as many as 100 students per room, it provides a productive, inclusive learning environment for higher education institutions.”

Go here to download the new Sennheiser e-book “Transforming the University Experience with Assistive Listening over Wi-Fi.”


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