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Sennheiser Offering Discount On XS Wireless Digital System Sets

Company offering more than 40 percent off the line's four system sets, all of which operate in the 2.4 GHz band.
Sennheiser XS Wireless Digital systems are designed to offer one-touch operation.

To celebrate its 75-year anniversary, Sennheiser announced that it’s offering a 40-plus-percent discount on XS Wireless Digital systems, including the XSW-D vocal set, pedalboard set, and lavalier and portable lavalier sets,

All systems will be available at USD 199.95 MAP instead of USD 349.95 MAP. Go here for a list of dealers offering the promotion. In addition, the Memory Mic and XSW 1-835 vocal set are still on special offer until August 31 (2020).

XS Wireless Digital systems operate in the 2.4 GHz band, and offer USB recharging. The system can be muted from either receiver or transmitter and has a stated range of up to 75 meters (246 feet) under line-of-sight conditions. The system elements are compatible with each other, enabling configuration of any combination of receiver and transmitter.

For singers and presenters: the XSW-D Vocal Set For guitarists and bassists: the XSW-D Pedalboard Set For speakers and presenters: the XSW-D Lavalier Set For videographers and content creators: the XSW-D Portable Lavalier Set

The vocal set includes a transmitter (XLR-3) and receiver (XLR-3, e.g., for mixing desks), an XS 1 microphone (cardioid pick-up pattern), mic clip. The pedalboard set is comprised of a pedalboard-style receiver with a built-in guitar tuner, power supply for the receiver, a plug-in instrument transmitter with an extension cable and belt clip, and a connection cable for the pedalboard.

The lavalier set offers a transmitter (mini-jack) with belt clip, a receiver (XLR-3), and an ME 2-II lav mic with mini-jack connector. Meanwhile, the portable lavalier set has a transmitter (mini-jack) with belt clip, a receiver (mini-jack) with camera connection cable and shoe mount, and an ME 2-II lav mic. All sets include a USB charging cable.


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