Sennheiser Introduces WiCOS: Automatic Switching Wireless Conference System

The new Sennheiser WiCOS is a wireless conference system that automatically switches frequencies to avoid interference, accomplished through the system’s automatic dynamic frequency management that uses two frequency ranges – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz – for wireless transmission and enabling it to switch the range if interference is detected on the other wireless frequencies.

“A conference system requires absolute reliability,” explained David McNutt, Sennheiser team leader, installed systems. “For that reason, in addition to the usual 2.4 GHz range, which is often subject to interference from Bluetooth transmitters and WLANs, WiCOS uses the range from 5.1 to 5.8 GHz for its transmission. If the system detects another transmitter, it automatically – and inaudibly – switches frequency.”

WiCOS operates continuously for at least twenty hours and integrates up to sixteen translation channels, making it an attractive solution for the conference market.

The system can also be used without a PC, and its removable microphones ensure easy transportation and flexible installation. Secure 128-bit encryption can be programmed by the user providing security against tapping.

“The audio quality of the conference system is outstanding,” McNutt added. “ WiCOS is engineered to deliver clear sound even in situations when only a few of the delegate units are being used, which is highly unlikely in other conventional conference systems.”

The WiCOS system includes an Access Point for wirelessly controlling the communication between the delegate units and the chairman’s unit. The volume can be adjusted at the chairman’s unit, and the system is immediately ready for use.

To facilitate enhanced system operation, the Access Point has an integrated web server allowing the conference manager to configure and supervise the system conveniently using a browser. In addition, WiCOS can easily be combined with Sennheiser’s wired SDC 8200 conference and interpretation system.

Concluded McNutt: “WiCOS provides rental companies and conference centers with a highly reliable, easy to operate, and flexible conference system that offers the full benefits of Sennheiser’s comprehensive expertise in RF wireless technology.”

WiCOS is available and now shipping.

Sennheiser USA Website

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