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Sennheiser Group To Present A Range Of Recording Tools At 2022 AES Convention

Highlights will include the recently released Neumann.Berlin KH 150 studio monitor and NDH 30 headphones while Dear Reality will focus on updates to its spatializer, monitoring and mixing plugins.
Recently released Neumann KH 150 monitors will be one of the highlights presented by the Sennheiser Group at the upcoming 2022 AES Convention in New York.

Sennheiser Group (booth 329/demo room 3D01) announced that it will be presenting a range of recording tools on at the 2022 AES Convention in New York City this coming October 19 and 20, with highlights that include the recently released Neumann.Berlin KH 150, NDH 30 open-back headphones and the reissue of the M 49 microphone while Dear Reality will be focusing on its series of updates to its spatializer, monitoring and mixing plugins.

The Sennheiser demo room will be outfitted with a 7.1.4 immersive system, including several stereo pairs of monitors for demonstrating the new AMBEO 2-channel spatial audio. Here, Neumann will host nine different presentations featuring Grammy award winning engineer/producers discussing their most recent immersive mixes on Neumann KH monitors, and there will also be product presentations on KH monitors, DearReality software and plugins, and Merging Technologies interfaces.

​Following the 2019 release of the NDH 20, the NDH 30 is a studio headphone designed for demanding mixing and mastering applications in both stereo and immersive formats. Attendees will be able to do a side-by-side comparison of the NDH 20 and NDH 30.

Meanwhile, the M 49 V is a reissue according to original specifications and design documents from the Neumann archive with the K 49 large-diaphragm capsule that has been manufactured by Neumann unchanged since the 1950s. The M 49 V will be available for attendees to demo at the booth as well as U 87 Ai, U 67, TLM 49 and M 149 tube microphones.

The Dear Reality dearVR PRO and dearVR MUSIC spatializer plugins include the patented Sennheiser AMBEO Clarity algorithm for binaural productions with less audible frequency coloration. Also, dearVR PRO and dearVR MONITOR support Apple Logic Pro’s multi-channel formats and Dolby Atmos workflows, enabling users to monitor and create multi-channel mixes and Atmos productions.

Merging Technologies, a supplier of AD/DA interfaces and digital audio workstations, has joined the Sennheiser Group and the first joint product between Neumann.Berlin and Merging Technologies will be a Neumann audio interface that enables integration of Neumann products into a digital infrastructure.

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ProSoundWeb's AES 2022 Coverage

Sponsored By RCF | Booth #232