Sennheiser Debuts Control Cockpit Release 4.0.0 At InfoComm Connected 2020

Control and monitoring software now integrates the SpeechLine multi-channel receiver and Digital 6000 wireless microphone series.
Sennheiser Microphones
A view of the Sennheiser Control Cockpit version 4.0.0 user interface.

Sennheiser has announced an update to its Control Cockpit software tool designed to simplify controlling and monitoring large microphone set-ups, with new version 4.0.0 adding the ability to monitor the new SpeechLine multi-channel receiver and the EM 6000 receiver from the Digital 6000 series in addition to evolution wireless G3 and G4, SpeechLine and TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphones. (Download version 4.0.0 here.)

Control Cockpit also now offers a “location-based mute” functionality — all devices in, for example, a room, can be grouped and their mute switches synchronized, so that all devices can be muted and unmuted together, either centrally via Control Cockpit or locally on one of the devices. Location-based mute is available for TeamConnect Ceiling 2 and SpeechLine digital wireless, including the new multi-channel receiver. In addition, the software now employs SSL encryption to make data transmission between the user interface and the host server more secure.

The user interface of the software has had a refresh as well, with users able to switch between Details View and Monitoring View. Further, he software is now available in a Chinese language version.

Control Cockpit enables remote device management as well as remote troubleshooting and support, and is designed to make workflows and operation as easy as possible. The software provides IT staff with a real-time overview of all networked devices, including their location and status, and is accessible from anywhere in the network on all common platforms.

“The prime benefits of the software are easy battery management and remote troubleshooting,” explains Peter Grünert, product manager, Software. “Whereas in the old days, IT staff had to walk to every single room and check the microphones on site, they can now take a look at the dashboard and quickly identify where action is really required. The same goes for remote troubleshooting – a look at the dashboard, and you can immediately see if a mute switch has been operated accidentally or the sensitivity changed unintentionally – and remedy this via the software.”

The new software version can also be experienced at InfoComm Connected 2020 this week (June 16 to 18). Registration for the virtual show is free, and participants will have the opportunity to browse products, watch exclusive videos and schedule meetings with Sennheiser’s Business Communications team.

Following InfoComm Connected, Sennheiser will host a post-show webinar in cooperation with AVIXA on Thursday, July 2 from 1 – 2 pm U.S. Eastern time. EDT. Go here to register.


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