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Sennheiser Announces Podcasting Collaboration With MouthMedia

Collaboration coincides with the launch of two new podcast recording studios in New York City, both powered by Sennheiser's audio solutions.

Sennheiser announces a collaboration with MouthMedia Network, the podcast network covering the business of various lifestyle industries. The collaboration coincides with MouthMedia Network’s launch of two new podcast recording studios in New York City, both powered by Sennheiser’s audio solutions.

The new studios are intended as podcast hubs, where approved third party podcasters can book time for free with their guests to utilize the professional recording environments to create podcasts on a variety of topics — including a podcast this Wednesday that focuses on 3D audio.

The MouthMedia Network studios will feature Sennheiser experience areas where studio hosts and guests alike can try Sennheiser products and obtain special discounted podcasting bundles on microphone / headphone combinations.

“Sennheiser is excited to collaborate with MouthMedia Network — starting in New York City,” says Stefanie Reichert, director Trade Marketing, Retail, Americas at Sennheiser. “MouthMedia Network has created an engaging platform with the most influential and authentic voices in lifestyle podcasting. For Sennheiser, we see tremendous synergy and potential as we look forward to success through our combined efforts.”

The MouthMedia Network studios

The idea for a collaboration resulted from a successful series of three live podcasts recorded by MouthMedia Network at the Sennheiser SoHo pop-up store in New York City during its run between October 2016 and February 2017.

“From our first live podcast recording at the SoHo pop-up store, we knew that Sennheiser was an ideal collaborator for MouthMedia Network,” says Pavan Bahl, Vision and Strategy for MouthMedia Network. “Podcasting is a medium that relies exclusively on audio, so clarity and fidelity are of paramount importance. With Sennheiser’s heritage of innovation in audio technology it is a privilege to have our new studios powered by Sennheiser. Bringing together our community of high-engagement influencers with Sennheiser’s audio prowess is likely to result in increased awareness for both brands.”

Sennheiser, with popular products in both the professional audio and consumer electronics sectors, offers technology for both podcast creators and podcast listeners. From dynamic and condenser microphones to a wide assortment of wired and wireless headphones, Sennheiser’s passion for innovation informs the company’s drive to meet the needs of the growing podcast market.

“With a selection of our lifestyle products available on-site at the MouthMedia Network studios, content creators not only get to experience Sennheiser’s superior quality but will have the ability to take that Sennheiser experience home with them,” says Reichert. “This includes the AMBEO Smart Headset for 3D audio recording, our HD1 Wireless and PXC 550 Wireless headphones and other models.”

This Wednesday: ‘In Conversation with Julia Kaganskiy’

Julia Kaganskiy

Sennheiser and MouthMedia will record a new podcast this Wednesday, December 13th that features an in-depth discussion with Julia Kaganskiy. Kaganskiy is the director of Cultural Programming at NEW, INC. She will be joined by NEW, INC. members Daniel Perlin and Seth Kranzler to explore how 3D audio will enhance sensory experiences, influence human emotions & perception through a new lens of viewing and interpreting art.


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