Sennheiser Announces Integration Of Digital 6000 Wireless In Yamaha Consoles

Upcoming firmware update to allow engineers to check parameters as well as to adjust certain functions without need for additional software

Sennheiser Digital 6000 microphone systems can be integrated into Yamaha CL and QL Series consoles with an upcoming firmware update from both companies.

With the update, Sennheiser’s EM 6000 and EM 6000 DANTE wireless receivers can be monitored directly from the consoles, allowing engineers to check parameters such as RF performance, link quality, audio level and battery status directly from the console as well as adjust certain parameters without the need for additional software or screens. The integration is already available for Soundcraft Vi000 consoles.

“Yamaha has continued to offer new and convenient solutions through close collaboration with various partners,” says Yoshi Tsugawa, general manager of the Yamaha Pro Audio Division. “This announcement takes that collaboration to an even higher level. Digital mixing consoles are expected to take on a much larger role than simply mixing in today’s sound systems, and the full breadth of the functionality required cannot be handled by one company alone.

“All-encompassing solutions would not be possible without the support and cooperation of third parties,” Tsugawa continues. “Feedback from our valued customers is also a vital ingredient. Driven by the needs of our customers, deeper collaboration with our third-party partners will continue to produce world-class solutions into the future.”

“Sennheiser is always keen to collaborate with other manufacturers to allow our systems to interface with their products, making user workflows as smooth and easy as possible,” adds Tom Vollmers, senior product manager, Professional Audio at Sennheiser. “Being able to monitor the EM 6000 parameters directly from a mixing console is something our customers have been asking for.

“We’re delighted that both Yamaha and Soundcraft are implementing this integration in selected consoles in their ranges, and we are currently working with other manufacturers to extend this ability to their consoles.”


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