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Sanken To Unveil New CS-M1 Short Shotgun Mic At NAB

Latest supercardioid microphone designed for professional boom operation, film location recording, and DSLR camera mounted applications.

Sanken Microphones is introducing at NAB the new CS-M1 supercardioid shotgun microphone. The CS-M1 is the latest addition to the Sanken Production microphone range for professional boom pole drama, film location recording and DSLR camera mounted applications.

At only 4-inches in length and weighing less than 2 ounces, the unobtrusive CS-M1 can be used in tight mic situations to faithfully capture the story. Like all Sanken shotguns it is rugged and dependable with a wide range of applications where sound clarity and noise rejection are critical requirements.

The CS-M1 is especially suited to shoots where tight patterns and premium sound are the goal. It can be camera mounted without interfering with even a short lens, yet still provide the quality of audio demanded by today’s professionals, all at an affordable price.

The CS-M1’s lightweight, rugged design and unique components assure optimum resistance to humidity and adverse temperature changes.

Sanken Microphones

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