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Sanken Introduces The New CS-2 Short Shotgun Microphone At AES 2010

The CS-2 is a compact mic with long reach.

Sanken Microphones in introducing at AES 2010 a new shotgun microphone, the CS-2.

This, the newest model in Sanken’s comprehensive shotgun microphone line offers extended reach in a standard length mic using the company’s gradient tube length and rectangular diaphragm design.

The CS-2 achieves supersharp directivity with a 120mm (4.75”) long acoustic tube in a standard 250 mm (10”) length / 19mm (3/4”) diameter body. As a result, a natural tone is produced throughout the frequency spectrum, emulating the sound of much longer shotgun microphones.

The light weight of the CS-2 makes it ideal for camera-mounted or boom pole operations and suitable for a wide range of applications, such as outdoor location sound, interviews, sports, drama, and variety shows.

A new Sanken feature, the “high boost switch,” compensates for the attenuation of high frequencies when the mic is used with a windscreen/windjammer for outdoor use. As a result, the full, natural sound is maintained.

An external brass chassis increases durability, while the PPS (Poly-gold Phenylene Sulfide) diaphragm membrane provides optimum resistance to changes caused by adverse temperature and humidity. The resulting sound is consistent throughout the day in a wide variety of environments and changing climatic conditions.

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