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SAE Melbourne Redevelopment Includes Two Audient ASP4816s

SAE Melbourne purchases new Audient analog consoles as part of an expansion at the Antipodean education facility.

Two new Audient ASP4816s have been purchased by SAE Melbourne as part of an expansion at the Antipodean education facility. “It’s all coming together – we have finally finished the installation.” says studio technician Brad Toan, relieved to be coming to the end of the current phase of the redevelopment, and describing the arrival of the compact Audient desks as “…a new, more reliable solution for teaching our Trimester 1 students.

“The Audient desks give commencing students an introduction to signal flow, basic patching, microphone techniques and a good insight into mixing – pan and level.” The new desks are installed in identical studios, each exactly mirroring each other, creating a consistency between the two. “Of course these smaller consoles are a great stepping stone to the ASP8024 as well,” continues Toan, referring to the large format, 48-channel Audient desk with Dual Layer Control previously purchased by SAE Melbourne.

The ASP4816s have all the features of the flagship Audient desk – including the Dearden-designed mic pres – but in a compact and ergonomic form. “The inline design is perfect for teaching signal flow, it gives the tutors the ability to really show the students how the signal is passing through the console,” adds Toan.

He explains more about the enhancement of SAE Melbourne: “We have expanded into the building next door and have fitted it out with a huge new staff area, five new classrooms, a 3067 sq feet/285 sqm sound stage, four new film editing and grading suites and a new studio control room, home to our new 32 channel Avid S6 M40.

“It is all coming together and I couldn’t be happier, or more proud of my team and what we have been able to achieve,” adds Toan.


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