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SAE Dubai Selects Primacoustic For Studio Treatment & Training

Four recording studios treated with 32 Primacoustic Control Columns and 50 Broadband panels

Founded in 2005, Dubai’s SAE Institute offers expert training and education in the fields of audio and film in the Middle East. SAE incorporates an acoustic training component in its curriculum, and recently installed a wide range of acoustic treatment in its studios to support the program.

The products selected came from Vancouver, CA-based Primacoustic, which is distributed exclusively by Dubai based Melody House. According to SAE’s audio course coordinator Randula de Silva, “The brand provides easy accessibility to treat room problems without having to invest in custom and expensive treatment, given the limited budget students have.”

The four recording studios were treated with 32 Primacoustic Control Columns and 50 Broadband panels. Both are made with high density 6lb per cubic foot glass wool and fabric wrapped with resin hardened edges.

To treat the ceilings, 40 ThunderTile ceiling tiles were installed; bass frequencies were treated with two MaxTrap Corners and one FullTrap. Sixteen Cumulus Tri-corner traps capture sound as it migrates in corners.

Further, eight RX9 Recoil Stabilizers eliminate disruptive loudspeaker resonance by isolating the loudspeakers from hard surfaces which assume vibrations. Four FlexiFuser pitch diffusers eliminate flutter echo and standing waves. The school also incorporated two Flexi-Booth Wall mount vocal booths and three VoxGuard ambient field controllers.

“Providing this solution into our studios, students can practice their acoustic studies and evolve their listening experience,” de Silva notes. “It’s also very easy to cover acoustic concepts. When we teach acoustics in our curriculum we have several stages where we measure room responses, with and without treatment, having this brand that employs impalers to place and remove them from walls makes this easy to adopt into our teaching.

“Having this facility we are not obliged to have one static setup in the various studios, we can move them around and have different options based on our teaching requirements.”

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For over twenty years, Primacoustic has been providing acoustic solutions for a noisy world. Our background is in Pro Audio, helping top recording studios sound their best, and we’ve made it our mission to bring this expertise to all kinds of spaces affected by poor sound. With a growing range of Innovative products, knowledgeable staff, and helpful tools, we’ll guide you from concept to installation, so you can enjoy exceptional spaces.