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RTW Releases MM3 MusicMeter; Supports Music-Based Applications

Includes a vectorscope, PPM/TruePeak or VU, real-time analyzers, loudness versus time charts, as well as loudness display and zoom modes

RTW has announced its entrance into the music industry with the newest addition to its loudness metering family, the MM3 MusicMeter, designed for those looking to implement loudness metering into music-based applications.

The MM3 MusicMeter includes a vectorscope, PPM/TruePeak or VU, real-time analyzers, loudness versus time charts, as well as numerical and graphical loudness display and zoom modes.

The display can be adjusted for vertical or horizontal modes to accommodate the needs of users. Supported audio inputs include analog, SPDIF and USB, and an SPDIF output delivers a buffered stereo signal or downmix from a 5.1 stream.

“RTW is thrilled to break into the MI market with our new MM3 MusicMeter,” states Andreas Tweitmann, CEO of RTW. “By offering this new audio solution, we are giving sound engineers and mixers the opportunity to implement loudness metering into their music-based workflows and applications, something that RTW traditionally reserved for the broadcast and production market. RTW is proud to provide the MM3 MusicMeter at an affordable price for everyone in the industry; broadening the scope of its metering offerings to reach a larger audience.”

The MM3 MusicMeter is compatible with RTW’s USB Connect software package, which is available at no cost from the company website. The software equips users with a direct audio signal transfer and additional control from within a DAW environment, further expanding the capabilities of the MM3.

The new MM3 MusicMeter will be available soon through a limited number of exclusive partners and online.


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