RTS Introduces DBP (Digital Beltpack) As Newest Member Of Digital Partyline Intercom Family

Operates in partyline mode with OMS (OMNEO Main Station) or in portable keypanel mode with an RTS matrix (ODIN/ADAM).
The new DBP (Digital Beltpack) from RTS.

RTS has announced the introduction of DBP (Digital Beltpack), which joins the recently launched OMS (OMNEO Main Station) as a key member of the RTS Digital Partyline intercom familiy.

DBP is a four-channel/four-button wired beltpack that runs on PoE+ (Power over Ethernet 802.3af and 802.3at) and connects using OMNEO IP technology. Its hybrid design supports both digital partyline and matrix keypanel modes — for use as a digital partyline device, DBP connects to an OMS; for use as a portable keypanel, including functionality like point-to-point communication, DBP can be connected to any RTS digital/IP matrix product using OMNEO – including OMI cards in ADAM/ADAM-M frames or OMNEO ports on ODIN frames. DBP automatically selects the correct mode of operation (digital partyline/OMS or keypanel/matrix) when connected and switched on.

DBP’s PoE-driven design gives it scalability and is intended to make it easier to add new users. In and Out PoE ports (two etherCON locking RJ45 connectors) allow up to six DBP devices to be daisy-chained together from the same PoE switch port when used in partyline mode. Up to 40 DBPs can be connected to an OMS, allowing for the creation of an extensive digital partyline system – all in addition to the other wired and wireless devices OMS supports. Depending on the matrix model/configuration, up to 64 DBPs can be connected to an OMI card for ADAM matrices, and up to 128 DBPs can be connected to one ODIN.

“DBP is one device that can cover it all, whether the application is simple or sophisticated,” says Angelo Piga, RTS Product Manager. “It’s ideal for new users or current partyline users looking to grow from analog systems into the superior sound quality and flexible connectivity of digital/IP communications, such as theaters, houses of worship, educational facilities, mobile applications and AV rental. Because it offers both digital partyline and matrix keypanel modes, DBP also offers excellent ROI for customers with existing RTS matrix intercom equipment. For example, users such as broadcast networks and industrial facilities can expand their comms inventory cost-effectively with digital partyline – all while continuing to leverage the scalability of their matrix equipment.”

Patent-pending aesthetics are designed to make DBP comfortable and easy to use, including over-molded ergonomic volume knobs and rubber enclosure detailing to provide extra grip and drop resistance. It’s also IP53 rated for protection against dust and water spray.

The control layout is designed to be immediately familiar to partyline users, with an icon-based menu navigation system presented via a full-color, sunlight-readable TFT display with anti-reflective lens. TALK and LISTEN capability for up to four simultaneously active partylines (i.e. access to a pool of up to 16 partylines) is controlled via four large backlit channel buttons that can also be assigned for dedicated resources such as relay control.

Both 3.5 mm TRRS and XLR connectors are provided for connecting headsets, with three different XLR options available: 4-pin female, 4-pin male and 5-pin female (supporting stereo audio for different feeds on the left and right headphones). Incoming CALL notifications are via audible alerts or haptic vibration.

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DBP also supports Bluetooth audio connectivity to a headset, mobile phone or streaming device (via the recommended third-party dongles), designd to make it easier to bring other kinds of devices into the system and allowing the beltpack to serve as a compact “base station” on a desk while the user moves around the workplace.

Go here for more specifics on the new DBP from RTS.


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