Roland Systems Group Releases Software Updates For M-400 And M-380 V-Mixers

Roland Systems Group (RSG) has released software updates for their popular digital mixing consoles – the M-400 and M-380 V-Mixers.

V-Mixer software update Version 2.1 for M-400 and Version 1.1 for M-380 add S-4000M functionality as well as a number of user-requested features.

The V-Mixer is one of the four components of the V-Mixing System that also includes digital snakes, personal mixers and multi-channel recording.

In addition to user interface enhancements, new key features include:
• Control and configuration of the S-4000M Merge Unit directly from the V-Mixer. The Merge Unit allows up to four Digital Snake heads to be merged into a REAC stream where the V-Mixer recognizes it as single REAC slave unit. This important technology enables distribution of multiple input/output units around a location, venue or stage for flexible V-Mixing system configurations.
• Select whether to mute AUX sends and/or Direct Outs when input channels are muted. Ideal when you do not want to mute sends to record or monitor position independently of house sound.
• Adjust gate and compressor parameters using EQ area control knobs.
• Access to three user fader layers.
• Patchbay assignment icons have been changed to show signal flow direction.

The software is a free update and can be downloaded from the Roland Systems Group website.

Go here for M-400 and RCS Software Version 2.1

Go here for M-380 and RCS Software Version 1.1

Roland Systems Group Website

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