Roland Systems Group Releases Behind The Scenes Video From “Gino Vannelli Live in LA”

To provide a closer look at the production of the “Gino Vannelli Live From LA” DVD that became available in May, Roland Systems Group (RSG) has released a “behind the scenes” video and write-up of the project at

The behind the scenes video examines the RSG V-Mixing System setup and interviews the technical and production staff. Ross Vannelli mixed at front of house using an RSG M-480 console with inputs from an S-4000-3208 digital snake. A split also fed the monitoring system where monitor engineer Matt Greco used the RSG M-380 console to control both in-ear monitors for Gino and other frontline musicians, as well as M-48 personal mixers for the rest of the band.

In addition, recording engineer Nick Moon took splits off of the S-4000D directly to two R-1000 multi-channel recorders to capture all of the live audio channels redundantly. He was also responsible for mixing and mastering the live concert in both stereo and 5.1 surround.

Ross Vannelli, Gino’s brother, is the owner of COA Productions and also produces Gino’s live concerts. He approached PBS stations to produce the “Gino Vannelli Live in LA” DVD from an exclusive performance at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills in November, 2013.

Touring extensively with the V-Mixing System, he’s very familiar with the system and appreciates how each part integrates—from console to snakes, splits, multi-channel recording, and monitoring and personal mixing. The REAC two-way audio communication and transport protocol allows every component in the system to communicate with each other.

Over the course of a long-spanning career, Gino Vannelli has recorded a string of hit recordings that have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. To order the DVD or CD, go here.

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