Roland Systems Group Announces Innovative Personal Mixing and Monitoring Solution

Roland Systems Group (RSG) has introduced the RSS M-48 Live Personal Mixer and RSS S-4000D Splitter and Power Distributor, an innovative monitoring solution for live performance and studio applications.

Providing performing musicians with very high sound quality and flexibility in their individual stage mix, the M-48 offers control over 40 audio sources that can be easily managed in 16 assignable stereo groups.

The playing experience is enhanced with level/pan/solo/three-band EQ on each group, high quality built-in reverb for a more appealing sound, ambient mic for better communication with band members as well as physical inputs and outputs for multiple headphones, wedges and powered monitors, interfacing with iPods, metronomes and external recording devices.

Clear sound quality is ensured by use of Roland’s Ethernet Audio Communication (REAC) Cat5e protocol now including REAC Embedded Power eliminating the need for wall wart power at each M-48.

Power is supplied via the RSS S-4000D Splitter and Power Distributor, which can provide the digital audio stream and power to up to eight M-48s. Multiple S-4000D can be used in a configuration.

Configurations are straightforward with the ability to control, save and recall all connected M-48’s from either an M-400 V-Mixer or PC (when using other consoles). This allows the FOH engineer or other technical operator to assist in setup and mixing if desired.

Existing M-400 users require the Version 2.0 update which also contains significant additions including support for LCR sound systems, vintage effects, expanded PEQ and GEQ capabilities, real-time analyzer and other user interface enhancements.

The M-48 Live Personal Mixer can easily be integrated with other digital or analog consoles using a choice of RSS Digital Snakes and included PC software for setup and control.

“The M-48 Live Personal Mixer is a breath of fresh air for live performers,” states John Broadhead, VP of Technology and Communications for RSG. “We’ve provided a way for each musician to monitor exactly what they want to – their order, their grouping, their levels, EQs, reverb – whatever.

“That may mean a simple stereo group or two for the novice all the way to the professional touring musician who requires complete flexibility per venue. A truly personal and unique mix can finally be achieved by each musician.”

RSS M-48 Live Personal Mixer Features:
– The M-48 enables control of up to 40 audio channels via 16 stereo groups. No longer do users have to share the same sources in the same order as everyone else, but rather, they can chose what to listen to – a truly personal mix.
– Users can sweeten the monitor mix to their exact preferences with volume, pan, three-band EQ and built-in reverb per group – all instantly adjustable via convenient encoder knobs.
– A limiter can be engaged to protect ears from sudden and dangerous volume spikes. Based on REAC, the all-digital connection results in a low noise floor, improved musicality and crystal clear sound.
– LED indicators on the control knobs enable instant adjustment and visual confirmation at a glance, even on a dark stage.
– Built-in ambient mic aids in communicating with other musicians without having to remove their in-ear monitors or headphones, as well as enabling a stage/room feel if desired.
– AUX input allows mixing in a metronome or other input devices with the primary sound. Control, save and recall any connected M-48s from an M-400 V-Mixer or PC, allowing the FOH engineer or other
technical operator to assist in setup and mixing if desired.
– Newly developed REAC Embedded Power via the S-4000D transfers both power and 40 channels of audio to the M-48 via a single CAT5e cable – dramatically simplifying wiring and stage layouts. Mini jack and 1/4-inch phone jack headphone outputs are provided.
– Balanced TRS line outputs support wedges or other types of powered monitors.
– Independent stereo output mini jack enables recording with superb sound quality.

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Personal Mixing is one of the four components in the V-Mixing System line-up which also includes digital snakes, digital consoles and recording.

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