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Rock Island Club Upgrades With Harman Professional Solutions

Ba Sao Audio deploys JBL, Crown, BSS, and Soundcraft solutions to create an end-to-end AV system at the Nam Nghi Resort.

Ba Sao Audio recently deployed complete Harman Professional Solutions audio and lighting systems at the Rock Island Club at the Nam Nghi Resort.

Located on a small private island offshore from Phu Quoc island, the Rock Island Club is an outdoor eating, drinking and dancing venue that offers a 360-degree panorama of Phu Quoc’s beautiful coastline and ocean view.

Management recently decided to upgrade the sound and lighting with the intention of turning the Rock Island Club into an international party destination. To achieve this goal, management hired Ba Sao Audio to design and install a complete Harman audio and lighting system made up of JBL Professional loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers, BSS processors, Soundcraft consoles, and Martin solutions.

“Club and DJ events require a comprehensive range of high-quality audio products that provide exquisite sound quality,” says Nguyen Khac Anh, CEO, Ba Sao Investment. “The Harman solutions work perfectly for the venue, and the system allows the guests to enjoy crystal-clear music, not only onstage, but in the entire building. Harman’s wide range of brands provided us with a great deal of flexibility, which has helped turn the Rock Island Club into an incredible party venue.”

The Harman system includes JBL Control 31 two-way loudspeakers, which are paired with JBL PRX418S subwoofers to reinforce the bottom end. The system is powered by Crown DriveCore Install and CTs 2000 amplifiers. Audio processing is provided by BSS Soundweb London BLU-100 and BLU-50 signal processors, and a BSS Ethernet controller is used for signal routing. Audio is mixed on Soundcraft Signature 16 consoles. The lighting solution features numerous Martin by Harman fixtures, including the RUSH Aqua compact LED, the RUSH Wizard “full-house” effect light, and the RUSH Multibeam 2 LED effect light.

“We chose iconic brands by Harman Professional Solutions because we wanted premium AV solutions that would provide a unique experience to our guests,” says the spokesperson for Nam Nghi Resort. “No other venue in the city is so well-equipped to provide a scintillating party experience. We hope to make Rock Island Club a party destination so famous that people will mention it in the same breath as Rock Bar in Bali, or Café Del Mar on the Spanish party isle of Ibiza.”

“We are privileged to offer the highest quality audio experience at the Rock Island Club,” says Ramesh Jayaraman, VP and GM of Harman Professional Solutions, APAC. “The sound system perfectly complements the high-end atmosphere of the venue, and sets it apart from the other entertainment resorts. We thank our partner Ba Sao Investment for coordinating with Nam Nghi Resort and delivering and excellent customer experience.”

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