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Tom Wood completing a very long journey, in more ways than one.

Roadies Endure: Tom Wood’s Journey From Mix Engineer To Ironman Triathlete

The endurance of a roadie is built up over years of seeing every scenario in the book unfold – this is a story of one specific roadie accomplishing one enormous challenge.

The Latest From The Roadie Clinic…

We’ve been busy of late rebuilding our website – – highlighted by two new points of entry. One is General Admission, and that’s for anybody who is new to our cause that doesn’t know much about the music industry. It’s designed to be informative and educational, and also allow people to join the cause and support us either financially or through mutually beneficial partnerships. The other is Backstage Access, and that is for our touring community and their families. We aim to be fully transparent across the board.

Many have wondered about our logo and what it stands for. It’s representative of the touring industry as a whole, symbolizing that, no matter what part we play – the manufacturers who invent tools and structures to bring the magic to life, the vendors that staff and supply so many trades, the crews of brilliant minds that can operate whatever dreams have come to fruition, the managers of all varieties that keep the small village moving down the road, the artists who create the magic to begin with, and the bands that fill the space in their own symphonic ways – we’re all working towards a shared goal of bringing the music to the masses.

We value each player, no matter their role. But the crew, the roadies, the ones who are hired by the vendors to utilize the tools to make the show look, sound and feel the way the artist envisioned…. these are the people for whom we choose to be a beacon.

Our social media content is really solidifying into a nice rhythm, and you’ll notice that we’re vulnerably diving into topics that are fully relevant to our community. The intent is to keep pushing boundaries and remain vocal about the state of the industry as we are hearing, witnessing and experiencing, as well as the intricacies of home life and what that transition from road to home looks like. Our newest series, Life of a Roadie, is an example of that.

Our biggest need continues to be funding, so if your birthday is coming up, think about doing a social media fundraiser for us. If you need a deduction for your taxes, we are a 501(c)(3) and every dollar donated will be just that. If you really like shopping on Amazon, check out Amazon Smile where a portion of all purchases can go to a charity of your choice.

That said, we’re always looking to expand our network and develop relationships both inside and outside of the industry. (Reach out to us via our website.) If there’s an organization or individual you believe we need to know, then by all means please make an introduction. The bigger the network, the more we can help our community. — Courtney Klimson

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