Road Test: Reviews Of The CAD Audio CADLive 3000 Wireless System & D89/D90 Microphones

In-depth evaluations of a recently introduced UHF wireless system and two dynamic microphones -- one for vocals and the other for instruments

Our event had a wireless coordinator and I received a frequency from him, and again I noted how easy it was to change the frequency and link the mic. (The video guy adjacent to me was also impressed with this aspect.)

We used the system for the moderator who led a panel discussion, and it worked without a glitch. The supercardioid pattern was a great help in picking up her soft voice.

The next day we replaced an audience Q+A (question and answer) mic with the WX3000 handheld. No problems, and it sounded great with a wide variety of male and female voices.

One More Time

CADLive 3000 Series wireless microphone system product review
Another look at the receiver’s front panel.

A few days later, the system was deployed for a Vegas-based band with both female and male singers that performs at casinos and corporate meetings.

First up was the male singer, with a voice that was a little soft at sound check. I boosted the mic’s gain a touch and it was dialed in.

In the next set we switched the system to a female singer, backing off on the gain ahead of time because we noted she could really belt out some high notes. The mic worked well with her voice too, with the supercardioid pattern also keeping out some of the loud stage volume.

After the set, she told me that she didn’t want to give up the mic, noting that it “sounds so much better” in her monitor than her usual system. She was also really surprised when I informed her of the attractive price range.

The CADLive 3000 Series system is a winner in my book. It’s rugged and feature laden, topped off by the proven D90 mic capsule. While I didn’t get the opportunity to test it, the beltpack should also perform well – we’ve previously used the E19 earset mic and it’s a quality unit. This is a professional package, with an added bonus of being relatively easy on the wallet.

U.S. MAP: $599 (with WX3000 handheld); $649 (with WX3010 bodypack, E19/E29 mics and guitar cable). Find out more about the CAD Audio CADLive 3000 Series here.

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