Road Test: Reviews Of The CAD Audio CADLive 3000 Wireless System & D89/D90 Microphones

In-depth evaluations of a recently introduced UHF wireless system and two dynamic microphones -- one for vocals and the other for instruments

The new CADLive 3000 Series from CAD Audio is a wireless microphone system that currently operates in two bands of the UHF spectrum (R band – 580 to 600 MHz; S band – 655 to 679 MHz), and will soon be available in the 470 to 489 MHz and 514 to 542 MHz bands.

Available with both handheld and bodypack transmitters, the system incorporates features such as true diversity that’s designed to minimize multipath interference and proprietary CADLock Automatic Tone Encoded Squelch intended to eliminate unauthorized transmissions in the signal path.

The frequency agile design, when partnered with proprietary ScanLink technology, is designed to scan, select, and link to a clear channel. According to the company, up to 15 systems can be used simultaneously per frequency band. Stated frequency response of the system is 40 Hz to 15 kHz and dynamic range is quoted as up to 110 dB.

The WX3000 handheld transmitter has metal construction, incorporating the CADLive D90 supercardioid dynamic mic capsule. The WX3010 bodypack transmitter is supplied with both Equitek E19 earset and E29 lavalier mics as well as a WXGTR guitar cable.

CADLive 3000 wireless system product review
The bodypack ships with E19 earset and E29 lavalier mics as well as a guitar cable.

Transmitters include SoftTouch multi-function on-off/mute switches, and the bodypack is also equipped with CADTone circuitry to foster accurate reproduction of Hi-Z guitar and Lo-Z mic inputs. Both transmitters are stated as providing up to 15 hours of operation with AA batteries. Transmitter power is adjustable (10, 30, and 50 mW).

Transmitters and receivers are equipped with high-definition LCD displays as well as RF, AF, battery life, mic sensitivity and RF power metering. Receivers are housed in a half-rack, all-metal chassis and supplied with single/dual rack ears and a BNC relocation kit so antennas may be mounted in the front. Outputs are both XLR and 1/4-inch.

First Impressions

The system I was provided with for this evaluation included the receiver and the handheld transmitter, operating in the 580 to 600 MHz band. Out of the box, I was impressed that the system ships in a heavy-duty, foam-lined plastic case, great in general and especially for musicians who carry their own wireless.

I’ve also done a Road Test on the D90 microphone (here) and was so impressed that I added some units to my company’s inventory. It’s a great sounding mic, outfitted with a thin TrueFlex diaphragm for articulate response and a PowerGap neodymium magnet for a “hotter” signal.

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