Road Test: Line 6 XD-V70 Digital Wireless Microphones

The pros and cons of Line 6's new handheld and lavalier wireless microphones

I used a handheld on her, and used one as the podium mic.

With the receivers at FOH, I turned the transmitters on Hi power and had no problems.

The next gig was a standard corporate general session with breakouts. I used the mics in the breakout rooms that were next to each other.

Here is where these mics shine. In one room I had a lav on Lo power, and the receiver placed next to stage right on Channel 1.

In the next room, I set up a lav on Lo power with the receiver placed stage left (furthest point away from the receiver next door) and also placed that on Channel 1.

They both worked! With only about 100 feet and an airwall between the receivers, I could have used them both on the same channel if I wanted to.

So, yes, there are only 12 channels available, however in some situations like a second festival stage a few hundred feet away, or breakout rooms, you can use more than 12 units if you put the transmitters on Lo power.

Lavalier case.

• Easy To Use
• Receivers very sturdy and can be joined together
• Antenna Loop Through feature
• Rack mounting hardware included
• Mic modeling can come in handy
• Lav Transmitter built like a tank!
• Uses TA4 connectors for lavs

• On one stage, no more than 12 units an be used
• Lavalier mic has handling noise
• I dislike wall warts

Overall, I think these mics are a winner. Even though I hate wall warts, the ones included are small and lightweight. These mics have made my “Buy List”!

Check out the rest of the discussion on the Line 6 V70 in the Sound Reinforcement forum.

Craig Leerman is the leader of the PSW Road Test Forum and a sound reinforcement veteran from Las Vegas.

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