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Ritsumeikan University In Japan Upgrades Two Halls With Martin Audio

CDD and ADORN loudspeakers head versatile system project at university’s Kinugasa Campus in Kyoto.
Martin Audio CDD loudspeakers in white mounted discretely in the new installation at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto.

Located in the northwest of Kyoto, Japan, Ritsumeikan University’s Kinugasa Campus recently installed Martin Audio CDD loudspeakers in two of its halls (Hall 101 and 102), both located in the Igakukan (Institute of Medical Learning) that also contains various classrooms, common rooms and offices, and more.

CDD12 loudspeakers are deployed as mains due to their wider coverage and clear output that can be heard even directly in front of the stage. Several ADORN ACS-55T ceiling loudspeakers were installed under the balcony on the second floor to cover the depth, optimized with FIR filter tuning.

The overall aim of the renovation was to expand the user base by providing a professional infrastructure, with Audinate Dante networking selected for the main signal routing within a Symetrix DSP environment. Touch panel control which is provided at the side of the stage for users who are not familiar with sound system technology, facilitating easier adjustment of levels and playback of microphones and presentation materials. Even for larger events that require a more advanced approach, Dante signals are distributed to the control room, allowing professional operation via the mixer.

Since Halls 101 and 102 are both connected via Dante, they can be combined as well as share activity via video. For example, an event taking place in one venue can now be fully shared with another hall. People speaking via wireless microphone systems can be heard equally in both halls, and communication with the hall during, say, a web conference is possible by connecting a USB.

“Because of Covid-19, we still have to maintain social distance. However, I want our students to learn just as if they are present,” states Kengo Kurashina of Ritsumeikan’s Office of Information Infrastructure, Information System Department. “I hope to have created those kind of conditions. Martin Audio’s speakers are as attractive as the sound is accurate and rich. I have used it previously in another campus and succeeded in achieving the quality of sound that is usually difficult to realize in the classroom.

“This hall is used for a wide range of student activities such as ceremonies, academic classes, theater, dance performance shows and traditional performing arts,” he concludes. “Therefore, I set a goal to be able to express not only speeches but also audio and music from the web with overall consistency.

“Also, since the audience needs to keep a distance, I wanted to expand the sweet spot as much as possible and so I made the decision to tune the speakers with FIR.”

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