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Matthias Alexandru of Studio Berlin with the new Ü10 UHD/HDR OB van that's equipped with Riedel MidiorNet MicroN for signal routing.

Riedel Provides Decentralized Routing In Studio Berlin’s New Ü10 Truck

Unique two-vehicle design that enables production crews to maintain social distancing outfitted with 38 MicroN UHD modules.

Riedel Communications announced that Studio Berlin, a live TV production provider in Germany, has deployed the company’s MediorNet MicroN UHD media distribution and processing systems in its new Ü10 UHD/HDR OB van.

The unique two-vehicle design that enables production crews to maintain social distancing is outfitted with 38 Riedel MicroN UHD modules for decentralized signal routing. In addition, eight MicroN UHD modules are being used as stage boxes, while several others have been configured as multiviewers using the MicroN UHD MultiViewer App.

To provide production crews with a spread-out working environment in the OB van’s control room, Studio Berlin housed 10 racks of equipment in a separate trailer, with a fiber optic interlink connecting the two. To save additional space, theMediorNet MicroN UHD system is split between the two vehicles. As a result, the Ü10 can accommodate up to 26 workstations — and 24 UHD cameras — while maintaining distance between them.

“For the unique design of the Ü10, where space is at a premium to meet social distancing requirements, a decentralized router was a must,” explains Matthias Alexandru, technical manager at Studio Berlin. “While centralized solutions feature large, fixed designs with intensive cooling requirements, the distributed architecture of Riedel’s MediorNet MicroN UHD allows us to start small and scale the system with additional modules as needed. Furthermore, it enables production teams to collect and distribute all stage box signals directly from where they originate. With centralized solutions, this process requires additional hardware that adds weight, reduces flexibility, and increases costs.”

Tobias Claus, Riedel senior account manager broadcast, adds, “Live production teams face unprecedented challenges in the COVID-19 era, and Studio Berlin has met them head-on with an unprecedented solution. The company’s Ü10 provides production teams with a safe, socially distanced working environment without hampering their workflow. We couldn’t be prouder to have our MediorNet MicroN UHD working behind the scenes to provide decentralized signal routing.”

Studio Berlin’s Ü10 made its debut at the German Television Awards in Cologne and will primarily be used for live coverage of the German Soccer League (Bundesliga) and other large sporting and entertainment events.


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