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RH Factor Updates Facility With Genelec Active Monitors

Award-winning audio post production company and longtime Genelec users continue to choose Genelec as monitoring solution of choice

As the film and TV industry adapts to rapidly changing trends, RH Factor, a leading independent audio post house in Burbank, California, finds a reliable, constant standard for performance and sound quality in Genelec Active Monitoring solutions.

RH Factor, with TV credits such as Harry’s Law, Raising Hope, The Middle and Breakout Kings, as well as landmark programs including Boston Legal, CSI, My Name Is Earl and Ally McBeal, has just upgraded its facility’s Stage B – a 5.1 mix room that is principally used for episodic television – and the room’s centerpiece is a Genelec DSP Active Monitoring System setup.

Additionally, Genelecs continue to serve as the primary monitoring systems for the other three studios in the 8,000-square-foot facility, which includes a feature mix stage, a television mix stage, a layback studio and a Foley/ADR stage.

Formerly employing a trio of Genelec 8250A Bi-Amplified DSP Monitors as its LCR in Stage B’s 5.1 system, RH Factor made the decision to move to a trio of the larger 8260A Tri-Amplified DSP Monitors. The remainder of the system – including a pair of 8240A Bi-Amplified DSP Monitors in the rear and a 7270A Active DSP Subwoofer – remained unchanged.

“In our audio monitors we want no coloration, no hyping – just accuracy as defined by the original recording,” RH Factor principal Craig Hunter states.“The Genelec 8260A does this better than any professional monitor I have heard. We use the 8260A’s and the others in Stage B to optimize the room response using the proprietary GLM (Genelec Loudspeaker Management software) and AutoCal (Automated Calibration software) technologies – surely their best-kept secret, and in my opinion, the shape of things to come.”

“To have our monitor system able to calibrate room deficiencies and optimize frequency response as part of that process is a significant benefit to any studio owner.”

Hunter recalls when they first ran the 8260A’s. “The increased headroom and ‘air’ in the system was immediately evident – a clean, clear response with the classic neutrality that I have prized for so long. Perhaps the most pleasing and surprising attribute of these monitors, however, was the dispersion characteristics of the coaxial mid and high frequency drivers – the sides to center tracking was very even and smooth, and as a result, the mix pans were more accurate in playback.”

“I am pleased beyond expectation with these monitors, and so are the clients who have the same positive reaction. It’s great to have the level of confidence in the gear we use all day every day, and Genelec will always be part of the family.”

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