RF Venue Holding Free IEM Training Webinar On Wednesday, December 15

Online session “Setting Up In-Ear Monitor Systems" presented by Don Boomer, senior applications engineer at the company, will also discuss avoiding common mistakes with IEMs.
RF Venue senior applications engineer Don Boomer will present “Setting Up In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Systems" online on Wednesday, December 15.

RF Venue will be hosting a free 30-minute educational webinar on Wednesday, December 15 starting at 11:30 am U.S. Eastern time titled “Setting Up In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Systems” presented by Don Boomer, senior applications engineer at the company. Go here to register to access the session.

Boomer will explain how to set up an IEM system for a band, and he adds, “We’ll discuss the common mistakes in setting up IEMs and how to eliminate them.” There will also be time available for Q&A.

In addition to serving with RF Venue, Boomer has previously worked in R&D for Peavey, Sabine and Line 6, and his rock band from his high school days has a song in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Again, go here to register.

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