Retrofitting A Stadium-Wide Sound Reinforcement System At Turner Field

Turner Field, home of Major League Baseball’s Atlanta Braves, originally opened as the Centennial Olympic Stadium for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Following the games, it was converted to a baseball park, with was part of the plan all along, and the Braves moved in at the start of the 1997 season.

A new stadium-wide sound reinforcement system for the 49,000-seat venue, implemented this past off-season, features a distributed approach, utilizing custom-built loudspeakers that would easily be installed in the venue.

Baker Audio ( of Atlanta was responsible for the retrofit install, led by Project Manager Joe Kimsey. Danley Loudspeakers were selected for the project, with Mike Hedden of Danley serving as the point contact.

“Baker Audio has a relationship that goes back to the old days of Fulton County Stadium, providing audio for when The Beatles performed,” Hedden explains. “It quickly became a design/build process due to a tight time schedule. Turner Field management simply didn’t have time for a bidding process.”

Given a short lead time, Danley was able to produce and deliver the more than 400 loudspeakers for the retrofit. “We received the order in December, and in approximately six to eight weeks, we shipped all 430 weather-proof loudspeakers that were custom built,” Hedden states.

The most interesting custom loudspeaker developed for the project, he adds, is the Genesis Horn. “One of the problems in these giant baseball venues is that there are so many sources of audio that it starts robbing intelligibility all over the place,” he says. “What they wanted was a horn that would cover from about 15 to 20 feet in front of where the loudspeaker sits to about 110 feet away. “

Other requirements included even coverage, fitting into existing vertical spaces, and no electronic steering. Another requirement was minimizing PA output on the playing surface. In addition, Danley built all loudspeakers to fit into the existing mounting brackets from the previous system.

Further, the termination points on the loudspeakers were simplified to assist the Baker Audio installation team, which was working with 8-gauge wiring in very cold winter weather conditions. Audio was to custom build the loudspeakers to fit into the existing brackets from the previous audio system.”

Hedden says that since the installation was completed, he has received several phone calls from Turner Field staff praising the new system: “You can walk from foul pole, around home plate, to the opposite foul pole, and not hear any system dropouts.”

(Take our PSW Photo Gallery tour of the Turner Field sound system retrofit project.)

Turner Field System Retrofit Equipment List:

175 Danley SH-95 C Terrace Level Seating
100 Danley SH-95 C Club Level Seating
58 Danley SH-95 C Upper Level Seating
29 Danley SH-46 Upper Level Seating
11 Danley SH-25 Upper Level Seating
103 Atlas SM52T Field Level Concourse
63 Atlas GD87W Field Level Concourse
54 Atlas SM52T Terrace Level Concourse
33 Atlas GD87W Terrace Level Concourse
66 Atlas SM52T Club Level Concourse
159 Atlas GD87W Club Level Concourse
60 Atlas SM52T Upper Level Concourse
36 Atlas GD87W Upper Level Concourse
149 Atlas GD87W 755 Club
18 Atlas FAPSUB 755 Club
3 Community R.5T Northwest Entrance
114 Atlas SM52T Ancillary Areas

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90 QSC PL340 Main Equipment Room
15 QSC PL380 Main Equipment Room
3 QSC CX204V Main Equipment Room
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2 QSC Basis 914lz Main Equipment Room
2 QSC Rave 520uz Main Equipment Room
1 QSC Rave 522uz Main Equipment Room
2 Dell PowerConnect 3524Main Equipment Room
10 Allied Telesyn AT-SF201Main Equipment Room
1 Allied Telesyn 14763B Plaza System
2 Allied Telesyn AT-SF201Plaza System
1 Dell PowerConnect 3524Plaza System
2 QSC Basis 914lz Plaza System
8 QSC PL325 Plaza System
1 QSC PL340 Plaza System
2 QSC CX1202V Plaza System
2 Allied Telesyn AT-SF201755 Club

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