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Resorts World Las Vegas’ Ayu Dayclub opened with a July 4 performance by Miley Cyrus on the venue’s L-Acoustics K3i system. (Photo courtesy of Resorts World Las Vegas.)

Resorts World Las Vegas Venues Equipped With A Range Of Systems With L-Acoustics

Ayu Dayclub uses L-Acoustics K3i loudspeakers and KS28 subs for its pool area while Zouk Nightclub is also equipped with K3i and KS28 in projects by Solotech.

Resorts World Las Vegas, the Strip’s first new hotel-casino in a decade, has four venues on the property outfitted with a range of L-Acoustics loudspeakers to supply concert-grade sound reinforcement in designs/installs by Solotech.

The Ayu Dayclub, which debuted this summer with a performance by Miley Cyrus, is equipped with dual-hang system comprising nine L-Acoustics K3i loudspeakers per side bolstered by six KS28 subwoofers positioned under the stage, part of a concert bandshell that fronts the dayclub’s pool. In addition, a VIP sidefill system is equipped with two A15 medium-throw loudspeakers and one KS21 sub per side, while the separate East Pool Bar sound system similarly utilizes three A15 on either side and four KS21.

(Photo courtesy of Resorts World Las Vegas.)

Finally, the venue’s 20 private cabañas each have a pair of X8 short-throw loudspeakers that can be either tied into the main PA system or accessed by users for their own music sources. All of these systems are powered by nine LA12X, 12 LA4X, and 21 LA2Xi, with system measurement and processing handled by L-Acoustics P1.

“If you’re going to have Miley Cyrus open your dayclub, you have to have the kind of PA system she and her engineers have on tour, and that’s L-Acoustics,” says Aaron Beck, Solotech’s Business Development Manager and Senior Engineer. “Dayclubs have become incredibly competitive and they need the kind of rider-friendly sound systems that L-Acoustics provides.”

On the other side of the clock is the Zouk Nightclub, scheduled to open in September with its own K3i system, utilizing six enclosures per side that populate a two-hang system along with six KS28 subwoofers, all powered by four LA12X and 13 LA4X. In addition, a private space within the nightclub, the Empire Room, has its own A15-based system.

“This space goes from point-source to line array and does it all by taking the same speaker technology that would be used for touring and adding installation hardware,” says Beck. “As a result, the clubs get great sound and the benefit of a rider-friendly brand at a significantly reduced cost since the install versions don’t need the heavy rigging of the touring line.”

Rounding out Resorts World Las Vegas’ new venues, the Fuhu Asian restaurant uses two L-Acoustics Syva with two Syva Low installed on either side of the main bar. Another four private areas of the restaurant are fitted with short-throw 5XT and X8, all powered by a mix of four LA4X and LA2Xi amplified controllers.

Meanwhile, at the 6,140-square-foot RedTail gaming lounge and sports bar, three A10 per side and four KS21, along with a monitor system comprising four X12 and two SB18 subs, give DJs the power to rock the house every night. Additional X8 enclosures round out the bar system, which is collectively driven by one LA12X, two LA4X, and two LA2Xi.

“I’ve been a fan of L-Acoustics for several years now,” says Drew Strozza, Resorts World VP of Entertainment, who was previously instrumental in the adoption of an L-Acoustics Kara system for MGM’s Wet Republic Ultra Pool outdoor venue. He saw the benefit of making the brand part of Resorts World’s new and massive 117,000-square-foot casino’s venues. “The brand has over fifty percent of all touring work now, and that’s hugely important in an entertainment capital like Las Vegas. We have over 25 artists scheduled in our new venues and not one of them has even brought up the audio rider once they see L-Acoustics on it.”

The arrival of K3, whose installed version, K3i, is a key component in the new clubs. “K3 came out last year at the perfect time,” Strozza says. “It has the power of K2 but with a smaller profile, which makes it perfect for the stage at the dayclub, and for the DJ position, which is also onstage here.”

In November, Resorts World Las Vegas is scheduled to open The Theater at Resorts World, a 5,000-seat performance venue that is expected to be the largest L-ISA immersive system in the world, with an estimated 267 L-Acoustics loudspeakers.

In the meantime, the property’s current tally of four L-Acoustics-equipped venues will ensure that their patrons and performers alike have the best audio experience possible. “Drew really drove the decision to move forward with André Pichette’s sound designs for Ayu, Zouk, Fuhu and RedTail as well, and we were glad to see L-Acoustics on the spec when Solotech became involved,” adds Beck. “By providing tour-quality sound and performance in a fixed-install format, the systems in these venues will help attract the very highest level of music performers. Resorts World wanted to do a fresh take on Las Vegas, and L-Acoustics makes all the difference.”


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