Renkus-Heinz Hosts Debut of New EASERA Gateway x.8 A/D-D/A Converter At 2009 InfoComm

At 2009 InfoComm in Orlando, Renkus-Heinz, worldwide distributor of Ahnert Feistel Media Group (AFMG) products, hosted the debut of the new AFMG A/D-D/A converter, the 8-input EASERA Gateway x.8.

The x.8 is the product of a collaboration between AFMG and German hardware designers DSPECIALISTS, and is designed to complement AFMG’s EASERA and SysTune audio measurement software tools to provide sound system engineers with a complete PA system tuning package.

The Gateway x.8 is the first 8-input/2-output converter specifically designed for live sound and installed sound measurement.

It provides four XLR/TRS combo mic/line connectors, eight SUB-D-25-based line connectors and two TRS servo-balanced outputs, and is fully integrated over Ethernet with both EASERA and EASERA SysTune Windows-based software packages.

The x.8’s eight input channels allows large systems, in particular line arrays, to be tuned with multiple simultaneous measurements with real-time display and control from both EASERA and SysTune. This feature is similarly useful for room-acoustic measurements at multiple locations.

The unit itself is housed in a rugged half-rack case that allows either rack mounting or portable use.

AFMG managing director Stefan Feistel comments: “The x.8 will have great appeal to system engineers and designers as well as to acousticians because of its ability to form a complete venue acoustics measurement system with EASERA or SysTune. Additionally, it is designed for professional performance with touring durability, but without the prohibitive cost of studiooriented A/D-D/A products.”

He adds: “The partnership with DSPECIALISTS has produced the ideal system, by combining AFMG’s software with DSPECIALISTS’ hardware and DSP engineering expertise. EASERA and SysTune purchasers frequently ask us to recommend an accurate, reliable and portable A/D converter or PC sound card to complete the package, but they have had to choose between MIbased products with limited measurement functionality or very expensive measurement equipment.

“We have answered this need with the x.8, which is both designed for the job and at a reasonable price point and thus takes the concept of the original EASERA Gateway introduced in 2006 one step further.”

Dr. Jochen Cronemeyer, managing director of DSPECIALISTS, adds: “We are very pleased with the outcome of the collaboration between DSPECIALISTS and AFMG, which has created a unique full-function hardware and software combination for any system engineer who wants to achieve very precise, live, sound system tuning and monitoring.”

Renkus-Heinz Website
AFMG Website

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