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Renkus-Heinz Helps Overcome Challenges Presented By Ivory Coast Church

Integration firm Protech Distribution implements ICLive X arrays at expanded sanctuary of Eglise Éden Assemblée Dieu in Abidjan.
Renkus-Heinz ICLive X loudspeakers (in white) blending in with their surroundings at Eglise Éden Assemblée Dieu.

Eglise Éden Assemblée Dieu, a church located in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, recently underwent a renovation along with an expansion to accommodate up to 2,400 worshipers, an effort that also included equpping the venue with a new sound reinforcement system that utlizes Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers.

The space has large glass windows, plenty of marble work, and wood pews, all reflective surfaces that contribute to a reverberant environment. “Normally you would say this is a very difficult, challenging, and reverberant space,” says Inza Bamba, Managing Director at Protech Distribution, the Ivory Coast AV integration firm that designed and installed the pro audio system. “But with the Renkus-Heinz ICLive X system you know you are going to make every space sound amazing. And that is exactly what we were able to achieve at Eglise éden Assemblée Dieu.”

The ICLive X series incorporated the company’s proprietary Acoustic Source Multiplier (ASM) waveguide that allows the HF section to be coaxially mounted in front of the LF section in a coaxial driver arrangement that’s designed to foster a consistent and symmetrical array of both high frequencies and low frequencies along the length of the array. In addition, ASM reduces inter-driver spacing to help with gradient-lobe free performance to very high frequencies.

The installation utilizes one ICLive X module and one ICLive XL module configured into a single array on both the left and right side of the worship hall. Two ICLX118S-RN 18-inch subwoofers offer low-frequency enhancement to the system.

“By utilizing digital beam steering we could place the sound exactly where we knew it needed to go,” Bamba said. “The hall is very wide and nearly 50 meters long, but with just the left and right arrays we were able to cover the entire church with even SPL distribution without the need for additional delays.”

The ICLive X loudspeakers are available in black and white as standard colors – and custom color options are available to order. For the Eglise éden Assemblée Dieu installation, Bamba used white speakers that are flush mounted to ensure the equipment blended in with the space. “It sounds absolutely amazing and the congregation is beyond happy,” Bamba says. “That’s a typical result when you use Renkus-Heinz.”


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