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New Audio Design Desk 1.9, announced this week.

Release Of New Audio Design Desk 1.9 Offers A Range Of Additional Tools

Introduces auto-compose, MIDI triggers, and a new integration with Stream Deck as well as 40,000 sounds, loops, and music cues in any timeline.

New Audio Design Desk 1.9, announced this week and compatible with a range of professional audio and video tools, introduces auto-compose, MIDI triggers, instant variations, and a dozen other additional new features for audio.

Audio Design Desk is also launching an integration with Stream Deck, which produces sound for video or live streams with keystrokes on the controller, and further, has introduced the first “lite” version of its software with ADD Tags, a metadata tagging application that uses the company’s AI to streamline the tagging process.

“The past year has been a whirlwind of progress, improvements, and honors for Audio Design Desk,” states Gabriel Cowan, CEO of Audio Design Desk. “The latest release is going to be a really big deal for video makers and streamers especially, and there’s so much more coming. We’ve watched so many people have that ‘Aha’ moment when they see Audio Design Desk for the first time, and we expect many more at this year’s CES.

“Audio Design Desk is an entirely new way to create with audio, combining a massive royalty-free sound and music library with a sampler and a digital audio workstation, becoming an all-in-one tool that lets creatives stay in the flow. With the release of 1.9, ADD works seamlessly with virtually every audio and video editing tool from Premiere to Final Cut Pro to Pro Tools to Logic.”

New in Audio Design Desk 1.9:

Auto-Compose, designed to allow users to create a sound pass the moment they drag video into the timeline. Markers from Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Avid and transfer to ADD and can be converted into sound instantaneously.

Variations, designed to automatically create any number of variations of combined sounds. One beat can become 100 (or more) with the click of a button. Combine footsteps with cloth movements or impacts and debris sounds to create an explosion and allow Variations to offer a wide range of alternatives.

MIDI Triggers, designed to perform sounds and control functions in Audio Design Desk via a MIDI keyboard.

Intelligent Import, designed for users of popular sound libraries like Splice, LoopCloud, Pro Sound Effects, Boom Library and others to use Audio Design Desk or ADD Tags to automatically determine the right metadata and add them to sounds.

DAW Integrations, designed to integrate ADD with Pro Tools, Logic, Live, Cubase, Digital Performer, Nuendo, and Reaper, functioning like a “giant plugin” within these tools.

Spot Mode, designed for users who don’t want to leave their editing applications. ADD’s 40,000+ sounds and music cues can now be dragged into Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Avid, Screenflow and many other audio or video editing applications.

Stream Deck Integration, designed for users to find, place, loop, create, mix from a new integration with Stream Deck.

Stacks, designed to provide a non-destructive way to stack any number of sounds into a single region that can be unstacked and changed at any time.

ADD is releasing Audio Design Desk Lite at $8.99 U.S. a month (or $89.99 annually), giving users access to 40,000-plus sounds, loops, and music cues as well as a new lite version of ADD that still has its sync and replacement tools.

Meanwhile, new ADD Tags is a stand-alone metadata tagging application designed to simplify the process of tagging sounds with metadata, readying them for distribution. ADD Tags can automatically generate metadata, add effects, create elements from stems, convert files to a single delivery format, and export them into organized folders that are ready for distribution.

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