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Red Earth Arts Precinct Selects Pliant Technologies CrewCom 

HME Services equips performing arts theater, cinema, amphitheater and library at community facility in Karratha with CrewCom 2.4 GHz wireless intercoms.

When HME Services was tasked to work on the new Red Earth Arts Precinct in Karratha, Western Australia, the integrator turned to Melbourne-based NAS Solutions, Pliant Technologies’ Australian distributor. NAS Solutions supplied Pliant’s CrewCom wireless intercom system in order to provide wireless intercom for the entire facility.

“My first impression of the new CrewCom 2.4 GHz wireless intercom was that it was extremely intuitive,” says Glenn Harris, director at HME Services. “After using CrewCom, I was able to see how versatile it truly is. Other systems reach a limit and will require further upgrades, but the CrewCom system is scalable. The Red Earth Arts Precinct has eight wireless Radio Packs (RPs) and two Radio Transceivers (RTs) covering a total area of approximately 5,400 square feet. This configuration has allowed us to increase our wireless user count, facility wide.”

The Red Earth Arts Precinct is an innovative, arts and community facility with a 450-seat performing arts theater, rooftop cinema, outdoor amphitheater and library space. Innovative and unique, the Red Earth Arts Precinct is a focal point for the community and a place to share creativity and showcase the city to a wider audience.

“CrewCom offers high-end wireless talkback quality with versatility and increased coverage for the entire property,” says Harris. “The Red Earth Arts Precinct is clad with Alucobond metal panels and a complex frame made from steel, which makes the venue a challenge, RF-wise.

“Even with these potential hurdles, the CrewCom system performs flawlessly and provides quality coverage, intuitive integration and upgradeability at a cost-efficient price. Due to the high level of integration of systems throughout the building, having the CrewNet network made this system the ideal choice. It complements the infrastructure designed by us and ensures that the client has the adaptability the venue requires.”

The building has the capability to run five separate wireless intercom areas. A couple of these areas are outdoors, which requires CrewCom to operate outside of the steel frame.

“The signal has been rock solid and crystal clear in these conditions and is a testament to the ability and quality of the system,” says Harris. “We have received consistent positive comments about how easy CrewCom is to use, how innovative it is and the overall exceptional audio clarity. The system is essentially power on-and-go, if needed, which is a great resource for demanding production environments.”

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