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Recording The Masters Launches Kerwax Replica

New analog tube processor is a 2-channel excerpt of the 24-channel custom tube mixer installed at Kerwax recording studio

The Kerwax Replica analog tube processor has been designed at Kerwax Recording Studio, a residential facility located in Brittany, France. The Kerwax Replica is developed by Recording The Masters factory to distribute it as a worldwide product.

Its unique design features easy change and combination of tubes, to sculpt and color the sound artistically, with either vintage or modern tubes. The controls interact with each other to create a wide variety of tube harmonic distortion characteristics.

The Kerwax Replica is a 2-channel excerpt of the 24-channel custom tube mixer installed at Kerwax recording studio, a unique mixing desk conceived in the pure tradition of historical studios to meet the requirements of in-house sound engineers and producers. Its 2 independent channels are ideal for stem or individual instrument processing.

The Kerwax Replica creates a wide variety of tube harmonic distortion characteristics, with an easy tweaking combination of gain drive and output volume stages, bias adjustment and EQ knobs. It is the ideal companion as an insert or a front-end unit for processing and warming up your stems or mix.

Now, you can build your distinctive sound, and stand out in the digital crowd. You can easily warm-up and add distortion to any input audio signal: use trim and bias settings to adjust depth of sound and produce harmonics, and select drive function with gain setting to add progressive saturation to the sound.

Thanks to its gentle Baxandall curves, the integrated treble and bass EQs are very musical and smooth. In case you need to remove some harmful low frequencies, a high-pass filter allows you to choose between 80 Hz and 120 Hz frequencies.

The Kerwax Replica uses two vacuum tubes per channel: the first one for preamplification, the other for saturation. We selected 12AX7 reference because it offers the best audio results for a wide variety of sources. However, if you want to experiment and obtain different results, the tubes are replaceable. You can use all references from the 12AX7 family.

Available for pre-order from September 15th 2016, Kerwax Replica will be showcased and demonstrated in exclusivity by its designer Christophe Chavanon on Recording The Masters’ booth during next AES show in Los Angeles (September 29th – October 1st). Recording The Masters will be represented on booth #526 by experts and US representatives (RMGI USA) to discuss together about analog recording, tapes and machines.

Recording The Masters

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