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Recording Academy Encourages Contacting U.S. Congress Regarding Music Community Assistance

Society of music professionals provides direct links to contact U.S. Senators and Repressentatives.

A statement from the Recording Academy encourages content creators and production professionals to reach out to the U.S. Congress for assistance in the wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The statement:

The music community is suffering in the wake of the coronavirus. Tour cancellations, loss of income, economic uncertainty and health concerns are taking their toll on music makers and our Recording Academy family. In this time of national crisis, we all must come together to support each other.
One simple way to do that right now is to contact Congress. We must urge lawmakers in Washington to include the artistic community in the trillion dollar COVID-19 relief and stimulus packages that they are writing.
As lawmakers are actively working on funding, our Advocacy Team in Washington is in constant contact with Congressional leaders, the White House and key government agencies.  But it is clear that Washington needs to hear from you.
Thousands of your fellow creators have already joined the movement. Contact Congress today and let them know how the crisis is impacting you, your family and the greater music community.

Find out more and get direct links to contact U.S. Senators and Representatives here.

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