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Real Life Church Ministries In California Deploys Ocean Way Audio PRO2A Monitors For New Broadcast Studio

Church works to connect with its guests with progressive technology, operating on a daily basis through social media, mobile devices, and traditional television.
Ocean Way Monitors
Kevin Watkins in the Real Life Church Ministries broadcast mix studio ourfitted with Ocian Way Audio Pro2A monitors. (Photo by Hannah Andrews)

“We do slamming music here at Real Life Church,” explains Kevin Watkins, director of Broadcast and Technical Operations. “We are a church for the unchurched, so our worship music is not your typical church sound. It’s not choir, it’s not orchestra, and it’s not four or five singers standing up there with music accompanying them. We have a real rockin’ band, with great singers and world class musicians.”

Real Life Church Ministries, led by lead pastor Rusty George, has churches in LA’s nearby Canyon Country, Simi Valley, and Valencia, with a large online community. The church campus’ offer biblical context in casual environments, engaging community events, and varied ministries for all stages of an individual’s life. Real Life Church is working to connect with its guests with progressive technology, operating on a daily basis through social media, mobile devices, and traditional television.

Just as the corona virus was taking hold, Watkins was putting the final touches on the church’s new broadcast mix room, equipped with Ocean Way Audio monitors, at church headquarters near Los Angeles.

“That’s when we realized that for the time being, our presence was solely outside of our church buildings,” Watkins continues. “Basically, the heavy lifting will be our audio mix that goes out to our guests. During performances and services, we have an isolated feed into that mix room, with an engineer mixing for our online presence, for our broadcast presence, and for what’s recorded for anything in the future. We were looking to be able to mix quality audio and gauge that mix on a great set of monitors, which took us down the path to the Ocean Way Audio Pro2A’s.

Ocean Way Audio’s Pro2A monitors are designed to provide an efficient distortion-free dynamic range in a distinctive trapezoidal profile. The cabinet offers a sleek design with attention to time alignment, reduced baffle reflections and materials designed to minimize low-frequency resonance. Its port is optimized to increase the woofer’s low-frequency extension and sound pressure level capacity.

“Our Pro2A’s are unbelievable,” Watkins states. “Our room itself is relatively small and we were looking for a set of monitors that weren’t 10 feet tall. We wanted monitors that could push a lot of air, that sounded good at the top, sounded good at the bottom, and everything in between. The Pro2A’s do that. Our mixes sound great in the room, and they do what they are supposed to do — translate well and sound great outside of that room.”

He continues, “Technology reflects what we value as a culture and because we also value engagement, technology can facilitate that. It is possible to foster deep and lasting relationships from our online presence and we encourage our guests to do so through our web presence and various social media activities.”

The Pro2A’s two-way, self-powered design is stated to provide a uniform frequency response of 35 Hz to 25 kHz, and 110 dB maximum SPL between channels. Room response controls allow for adjustments to varying acoustic environments.

Watkins concludes by noting the power of music at Real Life Church Ministries, “One of our regular players just got off the road with the Jonas Brothers. We’ve got professional players who make a their living playing outside of our church environment. We value our culture, and good music is a big part of that. It’s loud, it’s slamming, and we put the Pro2A through its paces. They don’t even break a sweat. The Pro2A’s are absolutely far exceeding any of our expectations. And honestly, it’s been a joy dealing with the company, and dealing personally with Allen Sides, as well. He’s got a great team.”

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