RDL Introduces Format-A Three-Pair Combiner To Single-Pair Sender

Radio Design Labs (RDL) introduces the TX-TPSA1A Format-A Three-Pair Combiner to Single-Pair Sender for combining three Format-A signals to a single pair.

The TX-TPSA1A is part of the Format-A family of products that send, receive and distribute analog audio and DC power over standard CATx cable and connectors. Three pairs (referred to as Pair A, B and C) of each CATx cable are used for audio signals while one pair distributes 24Vdc power to connected Format-A products.

The TX-TPSA1A mixes audio signals from all three signal pairs in the input cable to a single pair (assigned to pair A, B or C) in the output cable.

The LOOP IN jack passes two additional Format-A audio signals through to the remaining two output cable signal pairs, for a total of five audio sources to be sent down a single CATx cable.

In traditional audio systems, connecting five audio sources to an equipment rack would require making five home runs back to the equipment rack. Utilizing the TX-TPSA1A and daisy-chained RDL Format-A senders, up to five audio sources may be fed down a single CATx cable home run, avoiding extensive labor and material costs. Using three TX-TPSA1A in series allows up to nine Format-A audio signals to be sent down a single CATx cable.

The TX-TPSA1A may be powered from any of the RJ45 jacks, which provides power to the two remaining RJ45 jacks. The product may also be powered from an external 24 Vdc power supply connected to the DC input jack, which powers modules connected to all three RJ45 jacks.

As with all RDL Format-A products, the TX-TPSA1A may be used in conjunction with RDL’s Format-A/Dante Network Interface products for flexibility and value in networked audio systems.

Radio Design Labs

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