RCF USA Offering Select P-SERIES Weatherproof Loudspeakers In White

Primarily for outdoor applications, specific models available in pearly white and currently in stock include the P-6215 (W) and P-3115T (W) coaxial designs and the smaller P-1108T (W).
The RCF the P-6215 (W) weatherproof loudspeaker, now available in white.

RCF USA has announced that select models of its IP 55-rated P-SERIES weatherproof loudspeakers, recently a key facet of a major audio system upgrade at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati that’s home of the NFL Bengals franchise, are now available in pearl white enclosures with matching grilles. (Go here to find out more about the Paul Brown Stadium project, with also incorporates RCF custom designed and built HVL 15-L1 and HVL 15-P1 loudspeakers.)

Specific P-SERIES models in white, and currently in stock, include the P-6215 (W) and P-3115T (W), both coaxial designs housed in the same enclosure, as well as the smaller P-1108T (W). All are primarily for outdoor applications, housed in composite plastic enclosures with an aluminum grille and configured with 12 brass suspension points, accompanied by a premounted white-plated bracket.

The P-6215 (W) above the P-1108T (W).

The P-6215 (W) coaxial two-way loudspeaker incorporates a 15-inch high-output low-frequency transducer with 3-inch voice coil, a 1.3-inch compression driver with a 2.5-inch voice coil, and active mosfet driver protection. It can be driven with up to 600 watts.

The P-3115T (W) coaxial two-way loudspeakers employs a 15-inch high-output LF transducer with 2.5-inch voice coil, a 1-inch compression driver with a 1.5-inch voice coil, and active mosfet driver protection. It can be driven with up to 300 watts.

The smallest of the group, the P-1108T (W) contains an 8-inch high-output LF transducer with 1.5-inch voice coil, a 1-inch compression driver with 1.5-inch voice coil, and it also includes an LICC (Low Impedance Compensated Crossover) network. It can be driven with up to 100 watts.

The P-1108T (W).

Both the P 3115 T and P 1108 T can be wired in either low-impedance or 70-volt connectivity. P-SERIES enclosures are also available in black. Go here for more specifics on the series.


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