RCF USA 2015 Road Show Comes To Spider Ranch Productions In California

RCF USA took its road show last month to Spider Ranch Productions in South San Francisco, CA for a two-day demo that attracted a host of regional dealers, production companies, consultants and integrators.

“This is the first time we have taken the road show to the West Coast,” notes RCF USA national sales manager Tarik Solangi, “providing a great opportunity to support our regional manufacturer representatives Audio Source, as well as giving the area production companies a taste of all the solutions we provide with our RCF and dB Technologies brands.”

Products in the demonstration included:

& RCF TTL55-A—A three-way active line array cabinet for large production and concert use. 2 x 12-inch low frequency, 10-inch midrange and three 1.5-inch high-frequency compression drivers; 3,500 watts; 143 dB max SPL.

& RCF TTL33-A—A three-way active line array cabinet for rental and staging, concert and production work. 2 x 8-inch low frequency, 8-inch midrange and three 1-inch high-frequency compression drivers; 1,250 watts; 134 dB max SPL.

& RCF TTL11-A + TTS26-A—A large-format column array coupling the active 4,000-watt TTL11-A (4 x 8-inch low-frequency, 3 x 8-inch midrange and 4 x 1.4-inch high-frequency compression drivers) with the active 3,400-watt TTS26-A dual 15-inch subwoofer.

& RCF HDL20-A line array—An active two-way line array cabinet with 2 x 10-inch mid-bass drivers and 2-inch high-frequency compression driver.

& dB Technologies DVA-T8 & T12—An active 1,400-watt three-way cabinet (8-inch low-frequency, 6.5-inch midrange and 2 x 1-inch high-frequency compression drivers, and an active 2,800-watt three-way cabinet (12-inch low frequency, 2 x 6.5-inch midrange and 3 x 1-inch high-frequency compression drivers.

& dB Technoloigies DVA-MINI—The newest addition to the DVA Series. DVA-M2M+M2S (800-watt dual cabinets each with 2 x 6-inch mid-bass drivers and 2 x 1-inch high frequency compression drivers.

Other products on display from RCF include the SUB-8006as, SUB-8004as, TT-052a, ART-745a, HD12-A and EVOX portable PA; and from dB Technologies, the DVA-S2585 cardioid subwoofer, SUB 18H and others. 


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