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RCF TT+ line arrays were deployed by Airone Service in support of Visionary Bergamo 2021 in Italy.

RCF Supports Production Of Visionary Bergamo 2021 In Italy

AVL supplier Airone Service utilizes TT+ line arrays in an unconventional system configuration to support development of ideas and visions for the future at the Bergamo Fair.

Visionary Bergamo 2021, part of Visionary Days at the Bergamo (Italy) Fair, presents sessions that focus on the development of ideas and visions for the future, was supported this year by AVL supplier Airone Service with a sound design incorporating RCF TT+ line arrays joined by supporting components.

The event is produced and coordinated by GO-ON, a production studio specializing in innovative events, and is also livestreamed in addition to being presented in person. Working together with the technical coordination of Lorenzo Polimeno, Luca Andreini, coordinator of Visionary Days, explains, “We needed a versatile solution that could manage speeches with maximum intelligibility, high-powered music but also clear and understandable service communications. Airone immediately proposed the RCF solution, and I must admit that the choice was appreciated and shared. The event succeeded perfectly, with a quality that made us enthusiastic.”

System designer Marco Piccini created the audio portion of the project using EASE Focus. “To get the best coverage of the audience, which sat 360 degrees around the stage, we used the center ring for the four TTL 33-A 4-module line arrays covering the two long sides of the venue,” he details. “Two clusters of four TTL 31-A were used to cover the narrow areas. We also created two cardioid configurations of TTS 36-A on the two longer sides, to have optimal low-frequency coverage without re-entering the stage.” Compact TT 052-A loudspeakers provided front fill support, and four TT 25 SMA stage monitors were also available.

“The production was impeccable, and our RCF TT systems proved to be up to par, with the compliments of all the stakeholders,” concludes Fabio Pacis, owner of Airone Service “We set up everything quickly, and the speed of optimization with RDNet 4.1 is certainly noteworthy.”


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