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RCF Serves All Six Stages At “Summer In The City” Festival In Germany

TSL Production chooses a wide range of loudspeakers to serve a variety of diverse needs.

The 11th edition of Bergheim, Germany’s annual “Summer in the City” festival earlier this year saw RCF loudspeakers providing sound reinforcement on all six stages.

For the main Center Stage, TSL Production (Pulheim, Germany), the technical service provider for the festival, deployed 16 HDL 30-A modules as the main PA joined by a dozen SUB 9006-AS subwoofers, two TT 22-As as nearfield monitors, and several TT 25 SMA and TTS 15-A cabinets as monitors.

Meanwhile,  the World Music Stage was served with dual TTL 6-As and SUB 8006-AS subs as well as four NX12 SMAs; the New Vibes Stage was equipped with TTL4-As and SUB 9004-AS subs along with six NX12 SMA; the Your Voice BM Stage incorporated HDL 26-As, SUB 9004-AS subs and TT 22-As for monitor wedges; and the unplugged stage was equipped with TT 10-As, TTS 15-As and TT 22-As for monitors.

“With over 75 modules and used all over the city, the RCF systems once again proved their versatility when handling all the stages with different sizes and many different music styles,” states Frank Schmitz, CEO of TSL Production. “We could manage the entire event and all six stages only with sound equipment from RCF. This is not only beneficial in terms of logistics but also offers enormous advantages during live operation.”


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