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RCF Reinforces Dolan Beats Electro Festival In Germany

Livito Eventtechnik deploys HDL 30-A double-10-inch line arrays with double-18-inch SUB 9006-AS subwoofers for events at Schwäbisch Hall.

The Dolan Beats electronic music festival at Germany’s Schwäbisch Hall grew from a small open-air party to 5,000 visitors, and headliners such as Felix Kröcher and Ostblockschlampen ensured a correspondingly positive response from the party-seeking audience in 2019.

From the very beginning Livito Eventtechnik was responsible for the technical implementation of the event. “We used loudspeakers from RCF as a sound reinforcement solution already last year. This year we have experienced much more popularity, and therefore the sound system has been increased accordingly,” says Andreas Schnepf, GF of Livito Eventtechnik.

“This year we used as main PA 2x 10 HDL 30-A double-10-inch tops and four double-18-inch SUB 9006-AS together with eight TTS 18MKII basses. As DJ monitor two stacks of 3x HDL 26-A on 2x HDL36-AS subs served the acts on stage.

“The system is super easy to handle and offers more than sufficient sound pressure. The killer feature for me is the HF compensation. Once switched on and the system is right there, without any time-consuming tuning,” adds Schnepf.

The RCF Shape-Designer software calculates the configuration and RF compensation of an array and sends it directly to all loudspeakers via the RDNet network.


Livito Eventtechnik


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