RCF Now Shipping New M18 Digital Mixer With Wi-Fi Capability

Onboard wi-fi access point with integrated antenna enables all functions to be controlled wirelessly

The new RCF M18 digital mixer with wi-fi capability is now shipping. Specifically, it incorporates an onboard wi-fi access point with integrated antenna that enables all functions to be controlled wirelessly. It operates at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

All 18 of the mixer’s input channels include gate, dynamic compressor and 4-band parametric EQ. The 4-band EQ on each channel provides three different modes—Standard, Vintage and Smooth—for attaining and adjusting a wide range of sounds.

Eight of the input channels also include discrete mic preamps offering 60 dB of gain range, digitally controllable via the M18’s MixRemote app (available for iOS) that provides comprehensive control. And, two (out of 10) line inputs can be switched to Hi-Z mode.

The mixer also incorporates a suite of plug-in algorithms and effects, including several equalizer types and classic emulations of guitar and bass amplifiers, developed by the plugin provider Overloud. Up to 15 simultaneous insert effects can be inserted on the inputs without the need for additional equipment.

The M18’s “engine” is found on the back panel, which is populated with eight mic inputs (with six XLR and two combos), 10 line inputs, six aux outs, headphones out and two XLR main outs. And in addition to the six aux buses for stage monitoring and other external effects, three separate aux buses are available to feed the internal effects.

A footswitch socket for internal FX mute or program change, as well as MIDI in/out, complement the control options. A USB host port enables the use of external storage, such as hard drives and USB sticks, for the internal two-track player and recorder, while an Ethernet port is provided for computer connection when required.


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