RCF Introduces Dual 21-Inch SUB 9007-AS

Features two hyper-vented 21-inch neodymium woofers and a 7200-watt digital amplifier, with a stated 143 dB max SPL output.

RCF introduces the new dual 21-Inch SUB 9007-AS active subwoofer.

Featuring two hyper-vented 21-inch neodymium woofers with 4-inch inside-outside voice coils, and powered by a 7200-watt digital amplifier, the SUB 9007-AS is designed to achieve 143 dB max SPL output.

The new custom designed 21-inch transducers join a lightweight design with a unique ventilation system that offers good thermal dissipation and low power compression. The Hyper Ventilation System is the result of a complex combination of ventilation ducts in the voice coil former, in the magnetic structure and in the woofer basket.

This cabinet is powered by two 3600 watt digital amplifier modules, and includes a new generation DSP that handles all the processing within the cabinet. The DSP allows control of soft clipping limiters, RMS limits, amplitude and phase equalization.

From the encoder on the input panel it is possible to adjust gain, low pass and high pass crossovers, delay, phase and cardioid equalization. Also integrated onboard is RCF’s proprietary RDNet remote control allowing access and adjustability to the cabinet’s settings, as well as providing monitoring of all components and integration into RCF system designs.

The housing of the SUB 9007-AS match the RCF D-Line HDL50 and HDL20 array systems, enabling stacked systems built in a perfect combination.

The cabinet is in made of birch plywood with every layer glued with a special water resistant adhesive that makes the cabinet weatherproof. The heavily braced internal structure of the cabinet survives long-term use and transportation and presents two separate acoustic chambers for the woofers and a separate housing for the amplifier.

The heavy-duty front grille integrates a central reinforcement bar and is power coated. The SUB 9007-As is equipped with 8 aluminum handles (4 per side) with ergonomic rubber handgrip and is ready to be equipped with transportation wheels.

The SUB 9007-AS will be on display at NAMM 2017 January 19-22, 2017 in Anaheim, California at RCF booth #6780.


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