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RCF Decks Out Red Bull Music’s Tour Bus

Red Bull Music tours Italian peninsula with LIVE IT travelling festival utilizing HDL 6-A line arrays and SUB 8004-AS subwoofers.

Following a complete interior restoration of its Italian tour bus, which included a significant audio update to include RCF’s HDL 6-A, Red Bull Music toured the Italian peninsula with the travelling festival, LIVE IT.

The tour bus, a ‘60s FIAT 309, became temporary home, rehearsal room and stage for the artists in the contest, on a tour that delivered 24-full days of music to a total 112,000 visitors. They were joined by 25 technicians, seven sound engineers and a tour bus manager; as well as a further 35 tour bus artists and a total of 156 artists hosted in festivals.

Transforming speedily, the roof of the tour bus is a stage within minutes. Its side trusses quickly in place, rigged with lighting and the RCF line arrays. Ten HDL 6-A line array modules supported by four SUB 8004-AS units form an array more than five meters high, to cover large areas.

Daniele Giraldi, sound engineer and owner of SPS Audio used the system during L’Umbria che Spacca, a festival which he says is “already using similar systems with SPS Audio. We did not have the slightest doubt in using the HDL 6-A.”

He states, “The HDL 6-A is a versatile system that combines lightweight components with excellent SPL performance. The SUBs are powerful and round, the system reacts well to the mixer headroom and has a clear and powerful tone.”

Michael Gario, a freelance sound engineer on the Red Bull Music Tour Bus as front of house engineer during the Reload Sound Festival, comments, “I was amazed by the RCF sound system as soon as I heard it on the Red Bull tour bus. Despite its small size, it immediately proved itself with the muscles of a much larger audio system. You can hear a pleasant freshness of the high frequencies without ever being annoying to the ear; perfectly balanced mid frequencies and extremely “punchy” low frequencies, without ever becoming ‘squashy.’ A pleasure for the ears.”

LIVE IT was developed symbiotically with other festivals to showcase a combination of bands from new indie rock, electropop, and hip-hop, for a truly original music experience. The Red Bull Tour bus stopped between squares and Italian arenas to spread the music and the voice of the most exciting Italian bands, in collaboration with MusicRaiser, Clockbeats and LePark Music Hub.

Simple to set up and move, the mobile stage joined host festivals such as the Big Bang of Nerviano, Alley Oop in the center of Piacenza, Albori Music Festival in Sulzano, a town on the shores of Lake Iseo. The Music Festival of Brescia, L’Umbria che Spacca of Perugia, Reload Sound Festival of Biella, and RiveRock of Assisi. Each of the festivals has new music in their DNA with a particular focus on new releases.


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