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RCF Audio Academy Presents First Certification Course

Called RCF Professional Team, two-day curriculum is designed to certify attendees' knowledge of the company's products.
Attendees of the first RCF Professional Team training course at the company's facilities in Italy.

The RCF Audio Academy recently hosted its first course — called RCF Professional Team — that’s designed to certify attendees’ knowledge of the company’s products and technologies.

“We felt the need to certify the best professionals who use RCF products,” explains Fabrizio Grazia, RCF Sales Manager and coordinator of RCF Professional Team (Italia). “Although RCF products are easy to use and incorporate technologies that facilitate installation and setup, we also want to educate our customers with extensive knowledge for optimal use of our technologies in every scenario.”

The first session was held at the company’s training center (and headquarters) in Reggio Emilia, Italy in late October, providing two full-day sessions. It began with an entrance exam to gauge each participant’s proficiency so that the lessons could be adapted to the most critical needs of the students, and concluded with a final verification exam to evaluate the knowledge acquired and to clarify any uncertainties. Those who passed were certified as members of the RCF Professional Team.

Among the new products presented and detailed was the latest version of proprietary RDNet 4.0 management software that is stated to incorporate advanced functions that are now integrated into the platform. The company expects RDNet 4.0 to be available in Q4, 2020.

“We thank the many professionals who took part in these two days of certification,” concludes Lucio Boiardi Serri, team coordinator of the RCF Audio Academy. “I’m sure that our colleagues now have all the necessary skills to manage RCF products in the most complex situations. I want to congratulate all the participants of this first edition! All passed the final test positively and earned the RCF Professional Team certification.”


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