RCF Announces D LINE HD 32-A Loudspeaker

RCF's HD 32-A is an active, two-way loudspeaker that is the newest member of the D LINE family of loudspeakers.

RCF has announced the availability of the HD 32-A, an active, two-way loudspeaker that is the newest member of the D LINE family of loudspeakers.

At the core of the HD 32-A is the new ND 840 large format 2-inch titanium compression driver with a 3-inch voice coil that allows a crossover point of 800 Hz which can reproduce the majority of the vocal range. This tranlates into better coverage and dispersion control as well as superior efficiency.

The lightweight (41 lbs.) loudspeaker offers an extremely linear response over a 90 x 60 degree coverage area along with precise low frequency control. With a frequency response of 45 Hz – 20 kHz (+/-3 dB) it provides high performance, full-range audio reproduction.

A maximum SPL of 131 dB ensures enough volume for the most demanding of situations. The 12-inch woofer provides superior sound projection indoors and out.

The onboard D LINE amplifier offers an impressive 700 W per channel and delivers ultra fast attack, realistic transient response and impressive audio performance. All D LINE amplifiers present SMPS power supply section in order to product maximum output and minimum transportation weight.

The HD 32-A is equipped with a powerful DSP which manages crossover, EQ, soft limiter, compressor and dynamic bass boost. Powercon connectors make it an easy addition to rental inventories.  The HD 32-A it is ideal for either main PA systems or for high power monitoring and sidefill / delay duties in larger venues.

All D LINE cabinets are molded out of special polypropylene composite materials designed to dampen down vibrations even at maximum volume settings.  From molding to the final texture, the D LINE range offers maximum reliability and strength for intensive use on the road.

The HD 32-A is currently available with a MSRP of $ 1,499.


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