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RCF Adds Compact Ayra Four To Nearfield Monitor Range

New ultra-compact Ayra Four is a smaller version of the Ayra Five, Ayra Six and Ayra Eight from RCF.

The success RCF has enjoyed with its Ayra range of active nearfield and personal monitors has led to the introduction of the new ultra-compact Ayra Four.

This follows the same design template as the popular Ayra Five, Ayra Six and Ayra Eight — but in a smaller package.

The Ayra series is optimized to deliver the best quality for a variety of applications where clear and loud sound is required. It is also ideal for multimedia gaming and as a computer satellite system. If the application require more low end, the Ayra Ten (10”) sub can be added.

Available in black and white versions, the new Ayra Four houses a 4-inch composite fiberglass woofer and the same 1-inch soft dome tweeter that appears in all models. Other characteristics include: precision directivity tweeter waveguide; fully-featured input board; reflection free front cabinet design and low distortion reflex port.

Aesthetically the Ayra Four is very attractive with a sleek look of the monitors contrasting the dark front baffle with the white cone tweeter.

At the same time, to keep the range looking fresh and in response to customer feedback RCF has taken the opportunity to add a white version of the Ayra Five, to its catalog.


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