Rational Acoustics Releases New Smaart SPL Standalone Measurement & Monitoring Sofware

Provides complete SPL measurement feature set from flagship Smaart v8 in a purpose-built package.

Rational Acoustics has announced the release of Smaart SPL, a new standalone SPL measurement and monitoring software program that will make its public debut at the upcoming NAMM 2020 show in Anaheim (booth #17503).

Smaart SPL provides the complete SPL measurement feature set from the company’s flagship Smaart v8 program in a purpose-built package, with an interface designed for simplicity and speed. It offers a full-featured solution for monitoring, metering, and logging SPL with a format and a price point more accessible to users who don’t require the FFT analysis functionality of Smaart v8.

“SPL monitoring in the live sound industry has become incredibly important from a performance standpoint, as well as for both health and safety and legal reasons.” says Rational Acoustics founder and president Jamie Anderson. “With the release of the Smaart v8.4 update in November 2019, we included a major expansion of Smaart’s SPL monitoring capabilities and it was a logical next step for us to make those features available to a wider audience as a separate, lower-cost standalone package.”

The interface of Smaart SPL is designed to be intuitive and easily readable interface in order to make professional level SPL monitoring readily accessible to anyone using a macOS- or Windows-based computer system. Because it’s based on Smaart v8’s multi-input/multi-device audio acquisition format, multiple simultaneous measurement inputs and displays are not limited by the software. It’s possible to connect and calibrate as many inputs to Smaart SPL and monitor as many locations as the users wish as long as they have the hardware infrastructure to support it.

A view of the graphic user interface (GUI) for new Smaart SPL from Rational Acoustics.

For general SPL measurements, where Class 1 or Class 2 compliance is not required, Smaart SPL can be used with any user-supplied acoustic test and measurement microphone in conjunction with an SPL calibrator and a microphone preamp/audio interface. In cases where Class 1 or Class 2 compliance is a requirement, Smaart SPL has been designed to work with SG Audio’s 10EaZy hardware for a turnkey calibrated solution.

During a show, the software’s configurable meter grid is a dashboard for critical showtime metrics with green, yellow and red “traffic light” threshold controls for each metric. The single control bar supplies quick access to configuration functions and logging actions, and the SPL history timeline shows data collected over the entire logged, or live-logging, event. For compliance and post-event reporting, Smaart SPL creates logfiles in .txt format and can generate SPL summary reports containing all event details as well as statistics for each metric and any alarm violations that occurred during the period.

Where remote monitoring is required, Smaart SPL includes an integrated web interface that allows real-time viewing of meters and the SPL history timeline via the web browser of any desktop or mobile device on the same network.

Because of its standalone design, Smaart SPL is intended to be easily deployed by users without any previous experience with Smaart software. Go here for a full list of Smaart SPL features and system requirements.

Smaart SPL is priced at $299 per license and is available for purchase via the Rational Acoustics online store or from any authorized dealer or distributor. And, a free 30-day demo of the new software is available via the Rational Acoustics website.

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