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Rational Acoustics Launches Two New Online Smaart Training Programs

Smaart Online Labs build on the foundation of the Smaart Operator Fundamentals course content, while Smaart Operator Fundamentals Live Online offers an alternative approach.
Rational Acoustics Smaart

Rational Acoustics has announced the launch of two new series of online Smaart Training programs: Smaart Online Labs and Smaart Operator Fundamentals Live Online.

Smaart Online Labs are in-depth sessions on selected topics that build upon the foundation established from the Smaart Operator Fundamentals course content. Each Lab is a private 2-hour Zoom session including demonstrations, discussion, and Q&A on the chosen topic. The cost is $100 per lab and attendance is limited to 8 attendees to ensure maximum student-teacher interaction.

The first four Smaart Online Labs that will be offered are Timing, Averaging, SPL Applications and System Alignment. Some of the Smaart Labs are Level 2, meaning attendance is restricted to those who have completed a Smaart Operator Fundamentals class, either in-person or online, and successfully passed Smaart Operator Level 1 Certification. Others are Level 1, and open to all interested attendees.

Rational Acoustics CEO Karen Anderson notes, “As much as we believe in the effectiveness of in-person Smaart training, the reality of the current global Covid-19 situation makes it impossible for us to confirm any future in-person training plans at this time. We have concentrated our efforts over the past several months on the creation of online training programs which will allow us to provide ongoing educational support to the Smaart user community, albeit remotely.”

Smaart Operator Fundamentals Live Online is a series of sessions that offers a unique, alternative approach to covering the Smaart Operator Fundamentals course curriculum. Part self-paced learning, part guided instruction, this course is designed to supplement, and enhance, the information provided in the free Smaart Operator Fundamentals Online webinar series.

Over the course of a week, students will attend three separate 2-hour Zoom sessions, as well as review the online webinars and the Smaart v8 User Guide. Each Zoom session will include live instruction covering specific content from the webinar videos and the User Guide, and provide supplemental demonstrations, in-depth discussions, and Q&A. The cost is $300 and includes 6 hours of live online instruction, a coupon for the Level 1 Certification exam and discounts on the purchase of Smaart software. Registration is limited to 8 attendees.

“Throughout the month of April, we conducted a series of 12 free webinars which presented a large portion of Smaart Operator Fundamentals class curriculum.” says Anderson. “Those webinars were incredibly well received and remain available for anyone to watch, any time they wish. The purpose of the new Fundamentals Live Online class is to augment the information presented in the free webinars and offer a small-group interactive experience for students where they can ask questions and delve deeper into the material with the guidance of a live instructor.”

Go here for more detailed information, including session dates and times and to register.

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