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Rational Acoustics Enters Agreement With EAW To Purchase & Support Smaart Brand

Rational Acoustics is also actively developing the next generation of Smaart, to be released as a Rational Acoustics-branded product once the purchase portion of the agreement is completed

Rational Acoustics LLC has just announced that it has entered a two-stage agreement with EAW for the worldwide distribution rights and purchase of the Smaart brand product line, the professional audio industry’s dominant software platform for sound system measurement and optimization.

Rational Acoustics, based in Connecticut, was founded last year by pro audio veterans Jamie Anderson, Karen Anderson, Calvert Dayton and Adam Black to provide training courses, hardware products/packages, and professional consulting for the specialized field of system measurement, analysis, and alignment.

“For the past year, since the formation of Rational Acoustics, we have been working very closely with EAW in support of Smaart, and have effectively taken over the training program and have been providing back-up technical support to the EAW team,” states Karen Anderson, Rational Acoustics Chief Operating Officer. “It’s a very friendly and synergistic relationship, which has benefited both companies as well as the Smaart user community. Now we’ve grown to the point where the logical next step is for us to assume complete responsibility for the product line, and eventually to own the brand outright.”


Founding members of the Rational Acoustics team at the company HQ in Connecticut

Under the initial portion of the agreement, Smaart v6 (the most current version of Smaart) will continue as an EAW-branded product, with Rational Acoustics assuming immediate responsibility for the management of all Smaart related sales and support functions, including order fulfillment, licensing and registration processes, as well as all technical support and educational programs.


Note that all current sales and product distribution channels, as well as pricing policies, will remain in effect during this portion of the agreement. Customers have the option of purchasing the product via EAW distribution or directly from Rational Acoustics.

In the second phase of the agreement, to be completed within six (6) months, Rational Acoustics will purchase the Smaart brand in its entirety and take ownership of the Smaart name, trademark, code base and all assets of the brand. 

In addition, Rational Acoustics is currently in active development of the next generation of Smaart, to be released as a Rational Acoustics-branded product once the purchase portion of the agreement is completed. A preview of the new version of Smaart will be provided at the Infocomm Show this coming June in Orlando.


“The great news for the worldwide user base is that the Smaart platform is continuing to move forward, supported by a team that is committed to complete educational support as well as the future development of the software to its fullest extent,” notes Anderson.


To further bolster support, Barbara Mattson (a.k.a. Barb Stolakis) has joined Rational Acoustics in the role of Sales and Logistics Administrator. “Barb has taken more orders for Smaart, shipped more Smaart packages and issued more PIC Codes than anyone on the planet, and we are thrilled to have her join the team,” Anderson says. Additional support from the Smaart development team and user community is available on the Smaart Forum established on the Rational Acoustics website.

“I am gratified that Rational Acoustics is moving forward with the distribution and support of Smaart, as well as ongoing development of the brand,” states EAW Vice President Jeffrey Cox. “Smaart is a core technology to our industry, and I know that Rational Acoustics will grow it and keep it in the premier position it holds in our business, and in our hearts.”

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