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The new Reamp Station and Reamp HP from Radial.

Radial Introduces Two New Reamp Tools

Reamp Station outfitted with an active DI while the compact Reamp HP is a mono unit allowing use of the headphone output of audio interfaces as the reamp output source.

Radial Engineering has announced the introduction of two new reamp boxes, including the Reamp Station with an active DI as well as the compact Reamp HP mono unit that allows use of the headphone output of audio interfaces as the reamp output source.

The Reamp Station original reamp design intentions of John Cuniberti, who built the first reamp box in 1993. Rights to his design were purchased by Radial in 2011, resulting in the Radial JCR reamper.

The Reamp Station brings together the JCR and an active direct box. New tweaks to the active DI design in the include a unity-gain Class-A buffer switch and circuit on the Thru output, preventing any loading down of passive pickups when connected to an amplifier and helping to preserve the natural tone of the instrument.

Inputs include a 1/4-inch TRS and 3.5-mm mini-plug for connecting mobile devices and tablets. A 48-volt LED indicator signal if the unit is receiving phantom power. The unit also hass reamp level control, filter and mute switches. Go here for more specifics.

The passive Reamp HP accepts signal from the headphone output jack on an audio interface, such as a two-channel unit, making it easier to connect “on the fly” without having to unplug a studio monitor cable or dig around behind a studio desk or equipment rack to set up for reamping. It offers 1/4-inch TRS and 3.5-mm mini input connections, transformer isolation to help eliminate ground loops, and variable output control to optimize signal levels. Go here for more specifics.

“Reamping has dramatically increased in popularity over the past few years,” says Jay Porter, product manager for Radial. “Home studio users have discovered a secret weapon of the pros and are making reamping a regular part of their mixes. The Reamp HP allows users with small, 2-channel interfaces to step into the world of reamping using a headphone output. The Reamp Station combines our flagship JCR with a premium direct box that is tailored for reamping. Both will make it easier and more fun for engineers to step into another realm of sounds!”


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